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Date: 03-15-2023

Case Style:

Randall Cagle v. Atrium Medical Corporation

Case Number: 1: 18-CV-1075

Judge: Landya B. McCafferty

Court: United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire (Merrimack County)

Plaintiff's Attorney:

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Defendant's Attorney:

Description: Concord, New Hampshire personal injury lawyer represented Plaintiff who sued Defendant on a product liability theory claiming to have suffered more than $75,000 in damages and/or injuries as a direct result of a defective and unreasonably dangerous and defective produce designed, manufactured and/or sold by Defendant.

Federal Courthouse - Concord, New Hampshire

Federal Courthouse - Concord, New Hampshire

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Atrium Medical Corp manufactures and develops medical device technologies. The Company offers balloon expandable covered stents and chest drainage devices, as well as local drug delivery, soft tissue and hernia repair, and vascular graft technologies. Atrium Medical operates worldwide.

Outcome: 03/14/2023 ENDORSED ORDER. Text of Order: On October 28, 2022, plaintiff filed and served a statement noting the death of plaintiff Randall Cagle (doc. no. 7). Pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 25(a), if a party or the decedent's successor representative fails to file a motion for substitution within 90 days after service of a statement noting the death, the "action by... the decedent must be dismissed." No motion for substitution having been filed within 90 days after service of the statement noting plaintiff's death, plaintiff Randall Cagle's claims in this action are dismissed without prejudice pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 25(a). So Ordered by Chief Judge Landya B. McCafferty.(de) (Entered: 03/14/2023)
03/14/2023 Civil Case Terminated. (de) (Entered: 03/14/2023)
03/14/2023 MDL MEMBER CASE CLOSED: In the MDL 16-md-2753-LM master file, civil case no. 18-cv-1075-LM is terminated and closed. cc: JPMDL. (de) (Entered: 03/14/2023)

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