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Date: 03-30-2022

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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Steven Mertz

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Court: Court of Common Pleas, Monroe County, Pennsylvania

Plaintiff's Attorney:

Defendant's Attorney: Brett Riegel

Description: Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer represented defendant charged with bribery, obstruction of justice, sexual assault, etc.

Steven Mertz, age 52, a former Pocono Mountain Regional Police Officer has sex with a 26-year-old woman stopped for DUI and who had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit.

The victim claimed that she had sex with him because he told her, if she did, she would not get charged with DUI.

The Defendant admitted that he was lying to her because he intended to file the charge against her whether she did what he asked or not.

Outcome: Defendant was found guilty on the bribery and obstruction of justice charges.

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