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Date: 05-29-2010

Case Style: Johnna and Lonnie Kelley v. Craig County

Case Number:

Judge: Dwayne Steidley

Court: District Court, Craig County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney: Jeff Nix, Law Offices of Jeff Nix, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Defendant's Attorney: Craig County District Attorney's Office

Description: In January 2007, the Craig County Sheriff's Office seized 1,250 sheep, 340 cows and 10 horses from David Bradley Bell's ranch when it was learned that the animals were starving to death. The Sheriff's office then contracted with Plaintiff to feed and care for the animals and to pay "necessary and reasonable" expenses relating to the care of the animals. The animals were eventually returned to Bell but a dispute arose between the Sheriff and the Kelley over how much compensation they should be paid for their services.

The defenses asserted by the defendant are not available.

Outcome: Judgment for Plaintiffs for $38,334.92.

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Defendant's Experts:


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