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Date: 11-16-2021

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State of Georgia v. Mark Jones

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Judge: Katherine Lumsden

Court: Circuit Court, Muscogee County, Georgia

Plaintiff's Attorney: Attorney General's Office

Defendant's Attorney:

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Description: Columbus, Georgia criminal defense lawyer represented Defendant charged with multiple felonies stemming from improper acts.

Mark JOnes the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit district attorney was indicted for trying to influence a police officer's testimony, offering bribes to prosecutors in his office and trying to influence and prevent the testimony of a crime.

Jones took office in January, overseeing the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit, which serves Muscogee, Harris, Chattahoochee, Marion, Talbot and Taylor counties in west Georgia.

He was charged with:

1. Influencing witnesses by telling a police detective to lie under oath.
2. Attempting to suborn perjury in connection with the same incident.
3. Violating his oath of office by committing the offenses above.
4. Bribery by offering then-Chief Assistant District Attorney Sheneka Terry $1,000 for murder convictions.
5. Bribery by offering Assistant District Attorney Kimberly Schwartz $1,000 to announce she was ready for trial in a murder case.
6. Attempted violation of an oath of office, by trying to get Terry to accept $1,000.
7. Attempted violation of an oath of office, by trying to get Schwartz to accept $1,000.
8. Influncing witnesses by pressuring a homicide victim’s nephew to defer testifying in a hearing.
9. Violating his oath by not assisting the nephew in navigating the court system.

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Outcome: He pleaded guilty to four counts in the indictment in exchange for a sentence of five years — one year to be served in prison and the remainder on probation — and a $1,000 fine, Attorney General Chris Carr said in a news release. Jones also agreed to resign, submitting a resignation letter to Gov. Brian Kemp.

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