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Date: 03-05-2011

Case Style: Jeffrey W. Davis v. Dr. John Morse and AP&S Clinic

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Court: Vigo County, Indiana

Plaintiff's Attorney: Jerry A. Garau, Indianapolis, Indiana

Defendant's Attorney:

Description: Jeffrey W. Davis sued Dr. John Morse and AP&S Clinic on medical neligence (medical malpractice) and respondeat superior theories claiming that Dr. Morse's care fell below the standard of care when he failed to diagnose and treat Plaintiff for the colon cancer that he had. Davis sought treatment from Dr. Morse at age 35 with rectal bleeding and other gastric complaints. At that time, neither a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy was ordered to rule out colon cancer, but an upper G.I. test was ordered due to some other complaints. In August of 2006 the condition was diagnosed by another doctors but the condition had advanced to Stage 4 and inurable. Plaintiff claimed that Dr. Morse denied him the change of effect treatment and possible cure. Davis claimed that he had only a year to live at age 42.

The defenses asserted by Defendants are not available.

Outcome: Plaintiff's verdict for $2.5 million capped at $1.25 million by Indiana law.

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