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Expertise: Oklahoma is about to join the states that have legalized medical marijuana and will start taking applications for licenses to grow, process, transport and sell medical marijuana on August 25, 2018. The legalization of marijuana (medical and recreational) has been called the new gold rush. The reality may not be so positive. It is probably true that hundreds, if not thousands, of applications for licenses will be submitted starting on August 25, 2018. The State can issue licenses to applicants to produce and sell medical marijuana in compliance with state law, but title 18 U.S.C. 841 is still the law of he United States and the possession and sale of marijuana still violates federal law. Anyone engaged in the business of selling medical marijuana is theoretically subject to indictment and prosecution by the Feds. If Title 18 U.S.C. 841, does not dissuade people from making application for licenses to produce, manufacture and sell medical marijuana in Oklahoma, the process of actually doing so will still be very complicated and an expensive process.
Some issues that will have to be successfully addressed are set forth below including:
The designing, constructing and equipping facilities to cost effectively grow marijuana is complex, including legal, horticultural and many other complex issues;
Obtaining seeds, seedling and root stock for one or more of the many varieties of marijuana is legally and horticulturally challenging.
Nurturing and growing high yield, high quality marijuana is labor intensive and includes the management for the grow environment including pest and mold control.
Processing and packaging of product for sale including smokable, edible and other products for sale requires compliance with Oklahoma Health Department regs..
Transportation and storage of products requires strict compliance with state laws and regulations;
Selection of dispensary locations including zoning compliance issues;
Operation and sale of dispensaries in compliance with state law including packaging;
Dispensary security is extremely important;
Storing and accounting issues including compliance with IRS regs;
Collection and payment of taxes including FICA, sales and other taxes
The Sooner Cannibis Consulting Group has assembled a stable of experts who have the expertise to advise you or your clients on each of the forgoing and other issues. Contact us today at 918-960-5038 for more information on how to minimize your risk while maximizing the likelihood of our success in the medical marijuana business in Oklahoma.

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