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Andrew Watts
Small Business Computing Services, LLC

Tulsa, OK 74101

Office: (918) 261-1620
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Expertise: At Small Business Computing Services, we realize that small businesses can benefit from today's computer technology. We also realize that many small businesses don't have the necessary expertise to take full advantage of this technology.

That is where we come in.

If you don't use computers in your business, we can show you how:

* You can increase the productivity of your staff.

* You can increase the effectiveness of communication with your customers.

* You can use the Internet to enhance your current marketing.

* You can help make your company more competitive.

If you currently use computers in your business, we can help you to:

* Use your computers more effectively.

* Increase your system uptime, and decrease unplanned outages.

* Use the Internet to communicate with customers and prospects.

We are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and serve the NE Oklahoma area.

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