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Aerial Data Service, Inc.

8301 East 51st Street
Tulsa, OK 74145

Office: (918) 622-2780
Phone: (800) 888-9163
FAX: (918) 622-4119

Expertise: Aerial Data Service, a full-service aerial photography and photogrammetric mapping company, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. ADS excels in collecting geospatial data and converting the information into precise digital mapping and orthophotos. We take pride in providing our photogrammetric services to clients throughout the Continental U.S. ADS has focused on cutting-edge technology since 1964, boldly forging a reputation as an industry leader. We house our own flight operations and survey crews, and maintain a fully equipped photo lab and photogrammetric department - all in an effort to streamline service and keep client costs to a minimum. Although ADS is prepared to take on any project involving geospatial data collection, regardless of the scope, providing personal customer service remains our priority. ADS is unique: We have the capabilities of a conglomerate, but the heart and dedication of a small business.

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