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Martina Reporting Service - Fort Myers, FL
Serving your court reporting needs in Fort Myers, Florida

Thompson, Tracie - Fort Myers, FL
Office located 10 minutes from RSW, Reginal Southwest Airport. There are a variety of hotels and restaurants within walking distance of the office.

Thompson, Tracie - Fort Myers, FL
Big enough to handle anything. Small enough to give personal attention.

Fort Myers Court Reporting - Burrell, Jackie - Fort Myers, FL
Full Service Court Reporter, Court Reporting, Hearings, Depositions Serving the legal community in the 20th Judicial Circuit since 1993, we are committed to providing you with professional court reporting and transcription services utilizing the latest available technology. Our knowledgeable and experienced stenographic reporters have a well-deserved reputation for excellence in providing timely, accurate, and cost-effective transcripts for our clients.

A certified accurate transcript is a practical necessity, not a luxury. In most cases transcript costs are similar regardless of the method used for making the record. However, live court reporters sort and discriminate between testimony and background noise, can ask that inaudible or heavily accented speech be repeated and technical terms clarified. They do not inadvertently record attorney-client exchanges, can read back from any portion of the notes, or can display them on computer screens for others to read and provide realtime translation.

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