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 Randall  E Hart
Broussard & Hart, L.L.C.
1301 Common Street
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Position: Attorney

TEL: 337-439-2450

FAX: 337-439-3450

Email: Click Here


Admitted: Louisiana1994

Law School: South Texas College of Law, Houston, Texas

College: Louisiana

Birth Date and Place: 4/12/51

Practice Areas: Civil Litigation, Truck Wrecks, Offshore, Maritime, Medical Malpractice, Serious Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

Additional Information: 

Randall is somewhat of a rarity among attorneys – one that brings a great deal of “real world” experience to the practice of law. Randall earned a living as a chemical engineer and a construction company owner before choosing the law as his third (and final) profession over 20 years ago. Randy graduated near the top of his chemical engineering class from Louisiana State University and worked as a process engineer with a major chemical company for several years. Randy’s engineering background has proven valuable in the law practice time and time again, as having a firm grasp of mathematics and the basic sciences is essential to understanding complex cases and dissecting defense experts. Without a doubt, Randy’s scientific background has enabled Broussard & Hart to recover millions of dollars more for clients than would have been possible otherwise.

Randy expanded his “real world’ experiences when he left the field of chemical engineering and went into commercial construction. Randy was a “hands on” manager for his commercial construction company in Houston, Texas. This experience helps Randy understand the day to day grind that working people endure. After building the construction company’s volume to over eight million dollars in construction projects per year, Randy decided he needed another “mountain to climb,” and put himself through law school. The rest, so they say, “is history” – and history in the making.

Those that have seen Randy at work in the courtroom agree he is a talented trial lawyer who fights hard for his clients. Randy takes pride in getting to know his clients as people so he can better understand them and how to present their case. An attorney who is comfortable with, and likes, his clients will get that client better results. An attorney’s fondness for his client and passion for the client’s case cannot be faked – the attorney’s feelings must be genuine to be most effective before a jury. Randy believes every client and every case he undertakes has redeeming qualities.

Randy has two beautiful children – Trinity and Brady.

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