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Paternity Law
In the Interest of D.G., K.G., H.M.G., Children

After many years of abusing controlled substances, Becky and Bill lost their parental rights to their young children, D.G., K.G., and H.M.G.,1 as the outcome of a jury trial in Gregg County. On appeal, Becky and Bill argue (A) that the evidence is legally and factually insufficient to support the finding that termination was in the best interests of the children, (B) that it was error to deny a mi... More...   $0 (10-28-2015 - TX)

Jennifer Robinson v. Sgt. Alysia McGay

Oklahoma City, OK - Jennifer Robinson, as executor of the Estate of the Deceased Sgt. Carlo Monyell Robinson sued
Sgt. Alysia McGay claiming:

I Plaintiff Sgt. Carlo Montell Robinson (Robinson) was the son of Jennifer Robinson and passed away on January 17, 2009, as the result of combat injuries he sustained while serving in the U.S. Army while deployedin Afghanistan. See EXHIBIT A... More...
   $0 (10-23-2015 - ok)

In the Matter of: Anonymous

Respondent was hired by the maternal grandparents of a young child who were concerned about the childs welfare. At the time, the child was living with the grandparents in White County, the putative fathers paternity had not yet been established, and the childs mother allegedly was an unemployed drug addict who was unable to properly care for the child but nevertheless was threatening to remove... More...   $0 (10-21-2015 - IN)

IC v. DW

In February of 2013, the parties had a sexual encounter in Portland, Oregon. Mother was attending college there, and Father was visiting from Washington, where he also attended college. Mother became pregnant as a result of the encounter. Thereafter, the parties attempted unsuccessfully to develop a romantic relationship while both were still living in the Pacific Northwest. However, that eff... More...   $0 (10-07-2015 - WY)

Maryland v. Kulbicki

A criminal defendant shall enjoy the right . . . to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence. U. S. Const., Amdt. 6. We have held that this right requires effective counsel in both state and federal prosecutions, even if the defendant is unable to afford counsel. Gideon v. Wainwright, 372 U. S. 335, 344 (1963). Counsel is unconstitutionally ineffective if his performance is both deficie... More...   $0 (10-06-2015 - MA)

In re Emma B.

Michael and J.B. (Mother) married in 2011 and continuously lived together until Michael's military deployment to the Persian Gulf in August 2013. Michael returned home in April 2014 and found Mother was seven months pregnant, as she "had relations" with another man while Michael was gone. Michael lived with Mother throughout the remainder of her pregnancy. He was at the hospital when Emma was b... More...   $0 (09-29-2015 - CA)

In the Interest of J.R.S.

B.J.D. appeals the trial courts order terminating his parental rights to minor child J.R.S. In his sole issue on appeal, B.J.D. asserts the evidence was neither legally nor factually sufficient for the trial court to find by clear and convincing evidence that terminating his parental rights was in J.R.S.s best interests. We conclude the evidence is both legally and factually sufficient, and we a... More...   $0 (09-23-2015 - TX)

Willard McCarley v. Bennie Kelly

On direct appeal, the Ohio Court of Appeals described the factual background of McCarleys trials and convictions as follows: { 2} Charlene Puffenbarger filed a paternity suit naming McCarley as the father of her two year old son in November of 1991. Charlene filed the suit to obtain child support from McCarley, who initially denied paternity. McCarley did not wish to pay Charlene child support... More...   $0 (09-19-2015 - OH)

Zachary Conan Wilson v. Valerie Jo Franek

1 In this child custody matter, Defendant/Appellant, Valerie Jo Franek (Mother), appeals from the trial court's order awarding sole custody of the parties' minor child to Plaintiff/Appellee, Zachary Conan Wilson (Father), and granting expanded visitation to Mother. Mother contends the custody determination was a clear abuse of discretion and not in the minor child's best interests. We affirm the ... More...   $0 (08-27-2015 - OK)

Zachary Conan Wilson v. Valerie Jo Franek

1 In this child custody matter, Defendant/Appellant, Valerie Jo Franek (Mother), appeals from the trial court's order awarding sole custody of the parties' minor child to Plaintiff/Appellee, Zachary Conan Wilson (Father), and granting expanded visitation to Mother. Mother contends the custody determination was a clear abuse of discretion and not in the minor child's best interests. We affirm the ... More...   $0 (08-27-2015 - OK)


A jury found Defendant guilty of attempted fetal homicide. During the
trial, the jury heard from Lisa Komes. Komes testified that she learned that she
was pregnant with Defendants child in February of 2010. She told Defendant
about her pregnancy, and he indicated that he wanted her to obtain an abortion.
Komes did not want to be pregnant at that time, but she did not want ... More...
   $0 (08-20-2015 - SD)


Appellant L.M. (father) is the biological father of A.J. (child), who was six years old on May 13, 2014, the date of the challenged order. Father appeals from the juvenile courts order at the Welfare and Institutions Code, section 366.26 permanency planning hearing denying him supervised visitation with the child based on a finding of detriment. As discussed below, while substantial evidence d... More...   $0 (08-04-2015 - ca)


BHB was born in May 2010, in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Although Mother and Father were never married, it is undisputed that Father is BHBs biological parent. In October 2010, Father filed a petition in the district court seeking to establish paternity, custody, visitation, and child support for BHB. A few days later, Father filed a motion for a mutual restraining order providing that BHB could not b... More...   $0 (07-20-2015 - )


In October of 2011 Matthew Snyder, his girlfriend, and herdaughter JL moved to Gillette. Soon thereafter, JL, who was twelve years old at the time, learned she was pregnant. JL gave birth to a daughter in 2012.
[5] In January of 2012, previous to giving birth, and shortly after her thirteenth birthday, Snyder forced JL to have sexual intercourse. This also happened again after she gave bir... More...
   $0 (07-15-2015 - )


Michael Konzen appeals the district courts decision, which denied his
petition to modify the physical care provisions of the custodial decree. He
maintains that he should have physical care of his two daughters, while the
mother, Emalee Goedert, should have supervised visitation. At a minimum, he
claims he should not have been ordered to have only supervised visitation. He ... More...
   $0 (07-12-2015 - )

Luis Ramon Morales-Santana aka Louis Morales v. Loretta E. Lynch

32 Luis Ramon Morales‐Santana asks us to review a March 3, 2011
33 decision of the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) denying his motion to
reopen his removal 1 proceedings relating to his claim of derivative
2 citizenship. Under the statute in effect when Morales‐Santana was born the
3 Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (the 1952 Act) a child bornMore...
   $0 (07-09-2015 - NY)

Jacob Doe v. Hartford Roman Catholic Diocesan Corporation

A jury found that the defendant, the
Hartford Roman Catholic Diocesan Corporation, acted
negligently and recklessly when it assigned Father Ivan
Ferguson, an alcoholic whose admitted acts of child
molestation were understood to be linked to his drinking,
to serve as the director of Saint Mary’s Elementary
School in Derby (Saint Mary’s School), where he sexually
abus... More...
   $0 (06-27-2015 - CT)

Michael Jensen v. Brandy Poindexter, now Jensen

¶1 The issue before this Court is whether the district court erred in sustaining the legal parent's motion to disqualify opposing counsel. The question we consider is whether the integrity of the judicial process is likely to suffer real harm when an attorney who represents a client in a proceeding to establish paternity and to determine custody of a minor child fails to report suspected child ab... More...   $0 (06-23-2015 - OK)

Turi Rostad v. Leon Hirsch

The plaintiff, Turi Rostad, and the
defendant, Leon Hirsch, both appealed to the Appellate
Court from the judgment of the trial court in the plaintiff’s
paternity action against the defendant seeking an
order of support and maintenance for her minor son,
attorney’s fees, statutory interest, past due child support
and past due ‘‘special child support.’’ In his ap... More...
   $0 (06-17-2015 - OK)

In the Interest of D. V., a Child

This is an appeal from an order terminating the parent-child relationship between D.V. and his mother. The relationship between the little boy and his father was also terminated, but the father has not appealed. Because of recurrent family violence between the parents, we will refer to Father’s behavior where necessary to explain the factual circumstances.1
Mother brings seven issues for rev... More...
   $0 (06-03-2015 - TX)

In the Interest of J.A.E. Jr.

In December of 2011, Jorge Garcia filed a petition for bill of review in the underlying cause seeking to set aside an order entered in February of 1996 which established Garcia’s paternity of J.A.E. The Office of the Attorney General filed a no-evidence motion for summary judgment asserting no evidence existed to support each element of Garcia’s bill of review claim. The trial court granted th... More...   $0 (06-03-2015 - TX)


Appellant, the Office of the Attorney General of Texas, appeals from the trial court’s judgment that appellee, Jose Guadalupe Duran, pay nothing in back child support. By one issue, appellant contends that “[t]he trial court abused its discretion when it ordered that [appellee,] be released from a child support arrearage judgment in contravention of
Texas Family Code section 161.005.... More...
   $0 (05-28-2015 - TX)

Adoption of Emilio G.

Andrew L. (Andrew) is the biological father of Emilio G. who was born in July 2013. Katherine O. (Katherine) is Emilio’s biological mother. Andrew and Katherine never married. Katherine became pregnant with Emilio a few months after she and Andrew began dating in August 2012. Their relationship was not smooth. By April 2013, Andrew and Katherine had broken up, with Andrew confirming the break up... More...   $0 (05-22-2015 - CA)

T. M. and J. R. v. Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Appellants T.M. (Father) and J.R. (Mother) appeal from the trial court’s order
terminating their parental rights to their minor child, J.M.1 Father and Mother each contend that the
evidence is factually insufficient to support the termination of their parental rights. Mother also
contends that the trial court wrongfully admitted evidence regarding advertisements for “escort”
... More...
   $0 (05-21-2015 - TX)

In the Interest of H.O., a Child

This appeal is from a final judgment in a paternity suit. In two issues, the child’s mother, Griselda Ortiz, argues the trial court abused its discretion by not ordering retroactive child support and by ordering current child support in the amount of $1500.00 per month. We affirm.
In 1996, Ortiz met Carlos Guerrero. The two had a romantic relationship. At the time, Ortiz and G... More...
   $0 (05-20-2015 - TX)

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