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Malicious Prosecution Law

In the early morning hours of Labor Day, September 1, 2014, Officer Brian Cuppy was on patrol in downtown Des Moines when he saw a truck eastbound on Court Avenue stop for a red light in the middle of the intersection with Water Street with its “back tires . . . more than five feet past the cross walk.” Officer Cuppy followed the truck, activated his police cruiser’s flashing lights, and initiate... More...   $0 (06-25-2016 - IA)

State of Missouri vs. Orlando Naylor

Naylor was arrested and charged as a prior and persistent offender with one count of first
degree burglary (Count I), one count of stealing (Count II), and one count of driving with a
revoked license (Count III). Count I charged that Naylor committed first-degree burglary “in
that on or about May 16, 2014, in the County of Ste. Genevieve, State of Missouri, the defendant
knowin... More...
   $0 (06-25-2016 - MO)


In the early morning hours of June 11, 1992, M.H.1 awoke to a man
smothering her with a pillow and holding a knife to her throat. Her attacker,
threatening to kill her and her fifteen-year-old son if she did not comply, demanded
and took money from her wallet, raped her, and then placed her in a closet with
orders not to move until he left the house. After he left, M.H. ran i... More...
   $0 (06-25-2016 - LA)


The defendant was charged by bill of information on May 29, 2009, with
one count of possession with intent to distribute cocaine and one count of
possession with intent to distribute marijuana. After a motion hearing on
December 10, 2009, the trial court found probable cause and denied defendant’s
motion to suppress evidence. After a Prieur1 hearing on November 4, 2011, the <... More...
   $0 (06-25-2016 - )

State of Louisiana v. Jackie Delane Blake

A two-count bill of information charged defendant, Jackie Delane
Blake, with sexual battery and indecent behavior with a juvenile. By a
unanimous vote, a jury convicted defendant on both counts. On the first
count, sexual battery, defendant was sentenced to serve 99 years at hard
labor, with the first 25 years to be served without the benefit of parole,
probation or suspensi... More...
   $0 (06-25-2016 - LA)

State of Louisiana v. Dalduran J. Brandon

In the early morning hours of February 18, 2014, Defendant, Martavia
King and Malcolm Hall broke into the residence of 79-year-old Nathaniel
Cash in Gloster, Louisiana. A struggle ensued and Defendant held
Mr. Cash in a chokehold while Hall wrestled a gun from him and tied his
hands behind his back. During the struggle, Mr. Cash’s spine was fractured.
The men ransacked the h... More...
   $0 (06-25-2016 - LA)

United States of America v. Robert Ryan Powell

Seattle, WA - Las Vegas Man Convicted of Sex Trafficking

Transported Juvenile and Adult Females and Coerced them into Prostitution

A 34 year old Las Vegas man was convicted in U.S. District Court in Seattle of three federal felonies arising out of his transportation of two juveniles for the purpose of prostitution and sex trafficking of an adult woman through force, fraud, and co... More...
   $0 (06-24-2016 - WA)

State of Louisiana v. George Edward Higgins

The defendant, his wife, Michelle Higgins, and the juvenile victim,
K.H.,1 lived in a one-room storage building in the defendant’s parents’
backyard. On September 20, 2013, K.H. told her paternal grandparents,
Fred and Joyce Higgins, that the defendant had beaten K.H. with a power
cord. After observing red marks on K.H. Joyce notified the Richland Parish
Sheriff’s Office... More...
   $0 (06-24-2016 - LA)

Rodolfo Nino Aleman v. The State of Texas

On July 25, 2014, San Antonio Police Department officers, assigned to the Vice Unit,
conducted an undercover operation targeting persons soliciting prostitutes in San Antonio, Bexar
County, Texas. The operation was located in an area known for prostitution, and an undercover
San Antonio police officer posed as a prostitute. The undercover officer was equipped with a
microphon... More...
   $0 (06-24-2016 - TX)

The State of Texas v. Richard Michael Donohoo

The factual background is unnecessary to the disposition of this appeal. Accordingly, we
provide a brief procedural background for context.
The State obtained an indictment against Jarreau for delivery or offer of delivery of a
dangerous drug. Specifically, the indictment alleged Jarreau “did then and there intentionally or knowingly deliver or offer to deliver to [M.J.] a dange... More...
   $0 (06-24-2016 - TX)

United States of America v. Tovias Dunton

ATLANTA - English Avenue Drug Market Intervention Targets Drug Dealer Who Recruited Juveniles into the Drug Trade

Tovias Dunton, has been arraigned on federal charges of conspiring to possess heroin with the intent to distribute, distribution of heroin, and using a minor to distribute and attempt to distribute heroin. The defendant was indicted as part of the Drug Market Initiative (DMI)... More...
   $0 (06-23-2016 - GA)

John Hernandez v. The State of Texas

On July 18, 2014, Appellant was stopped by Officer Ryan Stanford of the
Denton Police Department for driving the wrong way down the roadway.
Appellant was unsteady, had slurred speech and red and watery eyes, smelled of
alcohol, admitted to drinking at a bar, and could not recite the alphabet or count.
He admitted that he may have been on the wrong side of the roadway because... More...
   $0 (06-23-2016 - TX)

Dedrian Lemour Freeman v. The State of Texas

M.B., Appellant’s former girlfriend, was the complainant in the burglary and
felony assault of a family member charged in the same indictment. She testified
that she and Appellant had remained friends after breaking up. On October 13,
2013, shortly after they broke up, they went out on a date and ended up at a
club. M.B. wanted to leave and got a ride home with another man b... More...
   $0 (06-23-2016 - TX)

Niare Quenette Lyte v. The State of Texas

The complainant, Jasmine Miller, was a friend of a sister of appellant Niare
Quenette Lyte. Once when her apartment lost electricity, Miller briefly stayed at
Lyte’s family’s apartment. After a dispute arose, Lyte told Miller to leave the
apartment. Miller then called the police and reported that Lyte had threatened to
kill her. Lyte was arrested and held in jail overnight, tho... More...
   $0 (06-23-2016 - TX)

Samuel Quintanilla v. The State of Texas

Iesha Tanner was at home with her three-year-old twin boys when she heard
a tapping sound from the boys’ bedroom. When she investigated, she discovered a
man attempting to pry open the window. Tanner confronted the man and called
9-1-1. Based on the description Tanner gave, the police apprehended Quintanilla,
who was later identified by Tanner in a photo lineup. Quintanilla... More...
   $0 (06-23-2016 - TX)

Joshua Jacob Patterson v. The State of Texas

A grand jury indicted Patterson for the murder of Kristian Sullivan, who died
of multiple gunshot wounds in the front yard of his grandmother’s house. Patterson
filed a pre-trial motion to suppress any statement he had made to law enforcement
officers. In this motion, he asserted several bases for suppression, including that his
statements “were taken without the safeguards r... More...
   $0 (06-23-2016 - TX)

Nomathemba Y. Sitawisha v. The State of Texas

Officer J. Taylor was conducting a traffic stop when a woman in a minivan
pulled up next to him. The minivan driver reported that someone driving a red car
had jumped a curb and nearly caused a vehicle collision before hitting a pole. She
also stated that the red car was parked nearby. After finishing the traffic stop,
Officer Taylor traveled to the parking lot identified by th... More...
   $0 (06-23-2016 - TX)


Todd Lloyd appeals the revocation of his probation, contending the district court erred in relying upon a probable cause finding made at his preliminary hearing on a new charge of kidnapping to find by a preponderance of the evidence that Lloyd had violated the conditions of his probation. The district court then revoked his probation and ordered Lloyd to serve his underlying sentence. Because we ... More...   $0 (06-23-2016 - KS)

United States of America v. Riyad Altallaa and Muna Alnoubani

Columbus, OH - Couple Agree to Plead Guilty to more than $1 Million in Health Care Fraud

Case is part of Largest National Health Care Fraud Sweep in History

Riyad Altallaa, 51, and Muna Alnoubani, 49, both of Hilliard, each agreed to plead guilty in U.S. District Court to conspiracy to commit health care fraud.

Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch and Department of Health a... More...
   $0 (06-22-2016 - OH)


In January 2014, the State charged Cheetham with the following felony offenses:
sexual intercourse without consent in violation of § 45-5-503, MCA; sexual assault in
violation of § 45-5-502, MCA; and sexual abuse of children in violation of § 45-5-625,
MCA. The offenses were alleged to have occurred in 2004 when Cheetham—who was
thirty-two years old at the time1—and the vict... More...
   $0 (06-22-2016 - MT)


On July 1, 2014, eleven-year-old MT, her mother,and sisters were fishing at Lions Park in Cheyenne. MT noticed Mr. Dougherty pacing behind her, and when she turned around for the last time, he was within two to four feet of her with his hands in his pants and “playing with himself.” MT reported this to her mother who then observed that Mr. Dougherty was partially exposed and masturbating. MT’s ... More...   $0 (06-22-2016 - WY)


On June 3, 2010, Guadalupe Ashford’s body was found partially hidden behind
16 a trash can at the edge of a small parking lot. Drag marks and blood spatter indicated
17 that Ashford had initially been assaulted in the lot and then dragged a short distance
18 to its edge where her body was found. The drag marks were contained within the span
19 of one parking space and extended less... More...
   $0 (06-22-2016 - NM)

SIG Sauer v. Thomas E. Brandon, Acting Director, United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

The NFA subjects "firearms" to various taxes and
regulatory requirements, including that the firearm be registered
with ATF. Id. §§ 5811, 5821, 5822, 5841, 5842. The NFA defines
a "firearm" to include certain guns and gun parts, including
"silencers." 18 U.S.C. § 921. And the NFA defines a "silencer,"
to include not only "any device for silencing, muffling, or
dim... More...
   $0 (06-22-2016 - )


On October 10, 2012, Carrasquillo-Peñaloza was indicted
for one count of transportation of a minor with the intent that
she engage in prostitution, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2423(a),1
and one count of sex trafficking of a child, in violation of 18
U.S.C. § 1591(a). A substantially similar superseding indictment
was issued on October 24, 2012.
On December 7, 2012, C... More...
   $0 (06-22-2016 - PR)

United States of America v. Steven Rawlins

New York, NY - Former Chief Financial Officer Sentenced In Manhattan Federal Court For Misappropriating More Than $10 Million From Two Healthcare Services Companies

STEVEN RAWLINS, a former Chief Financial Officer to two healthcare services companies based outside Nashville, Tennessee, was sentenced to nine years in prison and $10,110,577.09 in forfeiture for engaging in a scheme to defr... More...
   $0 (06-22-2016 - NY)

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