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Magnuson Moss Law
Robert Davenport and Jayne Edison v. Dr. Samuel Maxwell Adu-Lartey and Athletic Orthopedics and Knee Center, P.A. d/b/a AOK Orthopedics

Robert Davenport and his wife sued Dr. Samuel Adu-Lartey and an orthopedic clinic for negligence in connection with back surgery. The trial court granted summary judgment in favor of the defendants, based on their limitations
defense. The appellants contend that they filed suit within the applicable limitations period and, alternatively, that limitations had not run because Dr. Adu-Larte... More...
   $0 (06-08-2017 - TX)

George McKnight v. John Moss

George McKnight appeals the trial court’s grant of summary judgment in favor of John Moss. In a single issue, he contends that Moss did not present legally sufficient evidence in support of his motion for summary judgment. We reverse and remand.
McKnight owned a piece of property in Anderson County, Texas. When his property taxes became delinquent, Anderson County foreclosed. Mo... More...
   $0 (06-07-2017 - TX)

State of Oklahoma v. Shaynna Sims Tulsa County Oklahoma Courthouse

Tulsa, OK - Woman Sentence For Mutilating Dead Body at Funeral

The State of Oklahoma charged Shaynna Lauren Sims, age 28, with multiple felony counts for mutilating the corpse on Tabatha Lynch on April 20, 2015 before the funeral of the woman who Defendant had been in conflict with before her death. The State claimed that Sims cut the dead woman's breasts and a toe.

Count # 1. ... More...
   $0 (06-01-2017 - OK)

International Refugee Assistance Project v. Donald J. Trump

The question for this Court, distilled to its essential form, is whether the
Constitution, as the Supreme Court declared in Ex parte Milligan, 71 U.S. (4 Wall.) 2,
120 (1866), remains “a law for rulers and people, equally in war and in peace.” And if
so, whether it protects Plaintiffs’ right to challenge an Executive Order that in text speaks
with vague words of national security, ... More...
   $0 (05-25-2017 - )

In re: Gary L. Bryan, a/k/a Gary L. Brian

This appeal arises out of an adversary proceeding brought by the trustee of
a Chapter 7 bankruptcy estate to determine how to divide the proceeds from the
sale of the debtor’s real property. Previous litigation has already established,
among other things, the validity, priority, and extent of the various liens on the
property. Bryan v. Peters (In re Bryan), 547 F. App’x 892 (10th C... More...
   $0 (05-24-2017 - CO)

Keenon Lamar Rhodes vs State of Florida

Appellant, Keenon Lamar Rhodes, appeals his conviction of the following offenses: (I) – (II) burglary while armed with a firearm; (III) possession of a controlled substance without a prescription; and (IV) resisting an officer without
violence. We reverse due to trial court error in denying Appellant’s Motion to
Suppress, which sought to suppress statements he made during a custodial More...
   $0 (05-24-2017 - FL)

Emily Moss v. Joanna Fleetwood

Tulsa, OK - Emily Moss v. Joanna Fleetwood

Filed Date: 07/26/2012
Party Name Disposition Information
Defendant: FLEETWOOD, JOANNA Disposed: DISMISSED - WITH PREJUDICE, 05/23/2017. Dismissed- Settled
Date Code Description Count Party Amount
07-26-2012 TEXT

CIVIL RELI... More...
   $0 (05-23-2017 - ok)

STATE OF OHIO v. JOHN LEWIS Ninth District Court of Appeals

Mr. Lewis and his former girlfriend, the victim in this matter, began dating in
2007 and lived together at various points in time. Mr. Lewis described their relationship in
positive terms and indicated that the two were still communicating and working on their
problems when the incident giving rise to this appeal occurred. Meanwhile, the victim testified
that she had tried re... More...
   $0 (05-14-2017 - OH)

Aisha A. Krechuniak v. Zia Jamal Noorzoy

This appeal challenges an order enforcing an agreement between two siblings,
Aisha A. Krechuniak (“Sister”)1
and her brother Zia Jamal Noorzoy (“Brother”), settling
litigation concerning the failed development of a residential parcel in Pebble Beach.
Sister was awarded a stipulated judgment of $850,000.00 against Brother as provided in
their “MEMORANDUM OF S... More...
   $0 (05-13-2017 - )

ACH v. Stanley Glanz, et al. David L. Moss Correction Center - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, OK - Jail Rape Victim Settles Claims

ACH sued former Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz, currect Tulsa County Sheriff Vic Regalado, former Tulsa County jail employee Dalean Lynn Johnson and Correctional Healthcare Management of Oklahoma, Inc. on civil rights violation and negligence theories claiming that she was raped while shackled to a bed in the medical unit of the David L. Mos... More...
   $1 (05-11-2017 - OK)


Henderson’s convictions in this matter arose from a number of
transactions whereby Henderson sold heroin to individuals conducting controlled
buys on behalf of the Davenport Police Department. On January 31, February 7,
and February 8, 2015, Henderson sold heroin to a confidential source (CS), Ryan
Moss, in the amounts of .6 grams, .6 grams, and .1 grams, respectively.
... More...
   $0 (05-09-2017 - IA)

Friends of the College San Mateo Gardens v. San Mateo County Community CollegeDistrict

This is a case brought under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
(Pub. Resources Code,
§ 21000 et seq.) that is before us for a second time. In the first
appeal, we affirmed the trial court’s ruling that defendant San Mateo County Community
College District violated CEQA when it responded to changes in a campus renovation
project by issuing an addendum to a mi... More...
   $0 (05-06-2017 - )

State of Tennessee v. Garry Baker Baker sentenced to 10 years for manslaughter

This cases relates to a domestic disturbance involving the Defendant and his stepfather, Dale Ernsberger, who sustained cuts to his arm and neckfrom a knife during an altercation. At the trial, Rutherford County Sheriff’s Detective Jason Dowdle testified that when he arrived at the victim’s home on August 15, 2014, the victim had already been taken
to the hospital. He ... More...
   $0 (04-30-2017 - TX)


In the early morning hours of May 30, 2017, appellant stole money during a “snatch
and grab” on the cash register of a Walgreens in Austin. The night shift clerk was injured during the
incident when appellant pushed him to get to the cash drawer and during the subsequent struggle
over the cash drawer. After appellant overcame the clerk’s resistance and took the money, he ran
out ... More...
   $0 (04-26-2017 - TX)

State of Oklahoma v. Shaynna Sims

Tulsa, OK - Jury Convicts Woman of Mutilating Dead Body

The State of Oklahoma charged Shayanna Lauren Sims, a/k/a Shaynna Smith with:

Count # 1. Count as Filed: OLAR, LARCENY FROM A PERSON, in violation of 21 O.S. 1704.2
Date of Offense: 04/30/2015
Party Name Disposition Information
SIMS, SHAYNNA LAUREN Disposed: DISMISSED, 05/06/2016. Dismissed- Request of the S... More...
   $0 (04-22-2017 - OK)


Around 9:00 p.m. on April 13, 2011, Andre Porter (Porter), Dontrez Banks (Banks), and Defendant met at Paul’s Truck Stop in Leesville, Louisiana. Sometime around then, the three men discussed going to Perry’s residence north of Rosepine initially for the purpose of stealing some marijuana. All three men then proceeded down Highway 171 (Hwy 171) towards Perry’s residence in Porter’s vehicle. At som... More...   $0 (04-20-2017 - LA)


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On October 6, 2014, Brown pled guilty to commercial sexual exploitation of a child, a severity level 5 person felony, after he unlawfully and knowing... More...
   $0 (03-28-2017 - KS)

Brook E. Parker v. John M. Moss

Ardmore, OK - Brook E. Parker v. John M. Moss


Date Code Description Count Party Amount


Document Available (#CJ-2016-00081~1) Download document in TIFF format.TIFF Download document in PDF format.PDF
$ 163.00
(Entry with fee only) $ 6.00
(Entry with fee only) $ 2.00<... More...
   $0 (03-24-2017 - OK)

Robbie Emery Burke v. Stanley Glanz, et al.

Tulsa, OK - Jury Awards Family Of Dead Jail Inmate $10.25 Million

The Estate of Elliott Williams sued Stanley Glanz, Vic Regalado and others on civil rights violation theories claiming that Elliott Williams' rights were violated while he was being held in the David L. Moss Correctional Center (Tulsa County Jail) by being deprived of a appropriate health care and died on October 27, 2011. ... More...
   $10200000 (03-21-2017 - OK)

Tony Webster vs. Hennepin County and Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office

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On August 12, 2015, Webster submitted 14 requests to Hennepin County for public
government data under the Data Practices Act. Among Webste... More...
   $0 (03-17-2017 - MN)

Michael Barnett v. City of Southside Place

Appellant, Michael Barnett, appeals from the trial court’s order granting appellee, City of Southside Place’s plea to the jurisdiction in his suit brought under the Texas Whistleblower Act. See TEX. GOV’T CODE ANN. §§ 554.001–.010 (West
2012). In three issues, Barnett contends that the trial court erred in granting the
City’s plea because (1) the evidence raises a fact issue regardin... More...
   $0 (03-15-2017 - TX)

Jameka K. Evans v. Georgia Regional Hospital, Charles Moss, et al.

Jameka Evans appeals the sua sponte dismissal of her employment discrimination complaint, filed pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 2000e et seq., in which she alleged that she was discriminated against because of her sexual orientation and gender non-conformity, and retaliated against after she lodged a complaint with her employer’s human resources department. We have carefully reviewed the Appellant’s and a... More...   $0 (03-14-2017 - GA)


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The DePriests are brother and sister. After a maintenance man reported a marijuana
growi... More...
   $0 (03-04-2017 - MO)

Brittany Irish v. State of Maine

Plaintiffs Brittany and Kimberly Irish (together, "the
Irishes") brought this 42 U.S.C. § 1983
action against Maine State Police officers after Anthony Lord, a
former boyfriend of Brittany Irish ("Irish"), broke into her
parents' home, fatally shot her boyfriend (Kyle Hewitt), shot and
grievously wounded her mother (plaintiff Kimberly Irish), abducted
her, and engaged in a... More...
   $0 (03-01-2017 - ME)

Global Quest, L.L.C. v. Horizon Yachts, Inc., Horizon Group, et al. Husby Global Litigation Support Services Serving Your Court Reporter Needs Nationwide 866-584-0070

Plaintiff Global Quest, LLC appeals from the district court’s grant of summary judgment to defendants on all but one count of plaintiff’s amended complaint and to defendant Horizon Yachts, Inc. on its counterclaim for foreclosure of a promissory note. Plaintiff appeals from the district court’s entry of partial final judgment pursuant to Rule 54(b) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.1 We reve... More...   $0 (02-25-2017 - FL)

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