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Invasion of Privacy Law

Appellant’s residence was searched with consent as part of an investigation of stolen property. The searching detective found a utility trailer which had been stolen from a carport attached to the victim’s Okeechobee house, which the victim periodically used as her dwelling. The carport shared one wall with the house. It also had a back wall, and was supported in the opposite corner by a post. ... More...   $0 (08-28-2016 - FL)


We deny appellant’s motion for rehearing and certification, but grant his motion for written opinion. We affirm the denial of his post-conviction motion and address solely his Sixth Amendment claim.
Appellant was convicted of armed burglary of a structure with actual possession of a firearm, robbery with a firearm and aggravated battery with great bodily harm. The convictions followed a ... More...
   $0 (08-28-2016 - FL)

Dameco Brent v. State of Indiana

On June 6, 2007, Brent pled guilty to Class B felony dealing in cocaine, cause
number 34D01-0606-FA-458 (“FA-458”). The trial court sentenced Brent to a
seventeen-year term of incarceration with ten years to be executed and seven
suspended to probation. On April 11, 2014, Appellee-Plaintiff the State of
Indiana (“the State”) charged Brent with Class D felony intimidation and ... More...
   $0 (08-27-2016 - IN)

Latroy Maxwell v. State of Indiana

In April of 2015, N.G. lived in Lafayette with her four children. She had
obtained a no-contact order against Maxwell, who was the father of one of the
children. On April 23, 2015, at around 10:00 p.m., N.G. answered a knock at her door to
find Maxwell standing there holding a case of beer. He handed N.G. the beer
and stated that he would be back, then took off down the stre... More...
   $0 (08-27-2016 - IN)

State of Florida v. Tiniko Thompson

Fort Lauderdale, FL - Jury Finds Woman Guilty of Killing Her Cop Boyfriend

The State of Florida charged Tiniko Thompson, age 48, with second-degree murder for killing her boyfriend City of Miami Police Office killing Carl Patrick.

Defendant asserted self-defense.

The State alleged that Defendant Thompson told Patrick that she was pregnant, ran up his credit card charges,... More...
   $0 (08-27-2016 - FL)

Freddie Rhodes v. State of Indiana

Brenda Marsh and her husband lived in Goshen with Brenda’s children,
Daosha, Laqwela, ZaCarra, Zameishia, and Dramar, Laqwela’s boyfriend,
Norman Gray, and their baby, Daosha’s child, and Brenda’s brother, Joe. The

1 Rhodes’s statement of the facts is merely a detailed recitation of the statement of the case. Rhodes fails to discuss... More...
   $0 (08-26-2016 - MN)

State of Minnesota vs. Debra Lee Fawcett

The State charged appellant Debra Fawcett with criminal vehicular operation,
Minn. Stat. § 609.21, subd. 1(2) (2012).1 Fawcett moved to suppress “all evidence of the
presence of drugs” found in her blood, arguing that the warrant application and
supporting affidavit failed to provide a lawful basis to test her blood for controlled
substances. The district court granted Fawcet... More...
   $0 (08-26-2016 - MN)

Juan Alejandro Valderama v. The State of Texas

At a hearing on appellant’s motion to suppress, Pasadena Independent
School District (“PISD”) Police Department Officer M. Rodriguez testified that on
April 2, 2014, he was assigned to monitor Pasadena Memorial High School (the
“high school”). He saw appellant and another student, Jonathan Castillo, standing
at the trunk of a “blue sports car” that was parked in the “horseshoe... More...
   $0 (08-24-2016 - TX)


Between the months of January 2013 and July 2013 a series of home-invasion
sexual assaults and robberies occurred in the Billings, Montana, area. The first reported
assault occurred in the early morning of January 27, 2013, when twenty-one-year-old
victim K.L., asleep in her bed, was awakened by a gloved hand cupped over her mouth, a
knife held to her throat, and a man tellin... More...
   $0 (08-24-2016 - MT)

John W. Terry v. State of Ohio

This case presents serious questions concerning the role of the Fourth Amendment in the confrontation on the street between the citizen and the policeman investigating suspicious circumstances.

Petitioner Terry was convicted of carrying a concealed weapon and sentenced to the statutorily prescribed term of one to three years in the penitentiary. 1 Following the denial of a pret... More...
   $0 (08-24-2016 - OK)


Defendant Paul Kumar entered a conditional plea of guilty
to an amended charge of fourth-degree providing false
information to a law enforcement officer, N.J.S.A. 2C:29
3(b)(4), and was sentenced to two years of non-custodial
probation. He now appeals the denial of his motion to suppress
evidence seized from his home without a warrant. He also
appeals his sentence, a... More...
   $0 (08-23-2016 - NJ)

State of Tennessee v. Javonte Thomas

This case arises out of the February 8, 2014 shooting death of Quintin Fifer, which occurred in the parking lot of a Memphis hotel as the victim was sitting in the driver‟s seat of his vehicle with his girlfriend, their two-year-old son, and his brother as passengers. A tip led the police to the defendant, whose brother, Jeremy Thomas, had been involved in an earlier dispute with the victim.... More...   $0 (08-22-2016 - TN)

Robert Weathers v. State of Indiana

On April 15, 2015, Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy Osnel Andre was
patrolling the west side of Indianapolis when he spotted a black Chevy
Trailblazer (“the vehicle”). Deputy Andre observed that the expiration date for
the vehicle’s registration was obscured. After following the vehicle for a short
time, and not being able to see the expiration date on the license plate, Deputy... More...
   $0 (08-21-2016 - IN)


This interlocutory appeal by the State challenges the suppression of evidence an officer found in Jonathan R. Wissing's wallet soon after his arrest. Wissing, while handcuffed, had removed his wallet from his pocket and had placed it on a dresser before the officer retrieved it and searched it. We find, based on a categorical approach, that the officer had the authority to search the wallet incide... More...   $0 (08-18-2016 - KS)

State of North Dakota v. Claude Joseph Mercier

According to testimony at the suppression hearing, at around 11 p.m. on May 4, 2015, Bismarck Police Officer April McCarthy was dispatched to an area for a report of suspicious activity. The identified caller described the suspect as a white male wearing a black t-shirt, and believed this suspect and a female individual were trying to rob him. When Officer McCarthy arrived near the scene, she obse... More...   $0 (08-18-2016 - ND)

USA v. Dante Sheffield

A jury convicted Dante Sheffield of unlawful possession of 100 grams or more of phencyclidine (PCP) with intent to distribute, in violation of 21 U.S.C. § 841(a) and (b)(1)(B)(iv). Based in part on its application of a career-offender enhancement, the district court sentenced Sheffield to 230 months in prison. Sheffield challenges both his conviction and sentence, arguing that the district cour... More...   $0 (08-17-2016 - DC)

David A. Martin v. State of Indiana

Shortly after midnight on March 27, 2013, Officer Patrick Bragg of the
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department was on patrol when a vehicle
travelling southbound down an alley caught his attention. Officer Bragg
followed the vehicle down the alley and saw it pull up next to a garage. At that
time, Officer Bragg saw a man coming around the corner of the garage toward
... More...
   $0 (08-13-2016 - IN)

David George Pfeifer v. The State of Texas

Appellant, David George Pfeifer, was convicted following a jury trial of continuous
sexual abuse of K.M.,1 a child younger than fourteen years of age,2 and sentenced to
confinement for thirty years. On appeal, Appellant asserts the trial court erred by (1)
1 To protect the privacy of the victim and other testifying witnesses, w... More...
   $0 (08-04-2016 - TX)


Minnehaha County Deputy Sheriff Adam Zishka arrested Emily Lou
Smith on September 30, 2014. She was later indicted for several offenses, including
three counts of simple assault against a law enforcement officer. In October 2014,
Smith served a subpoena duces tecum on Minnehaha County Sheriff Mike Milstead
requesting production of “[a]ll disciplinary records/reprimands/compla... More...
   $0 (07-29-2016 - SD)


On April 30, 2014, Minnehaha County Detectives Joe Bosman, Craig
Butler, and Ryan Qualseth arrested Joseph Patrick Johnson on a misdemeanor
child-support warrant. He was later indicted for several offenses, including two
counts of simple assault against a law enforcement officer (Detective Qualseth).
Detective Qualseth was the only detective involved in the physical altercati... More...
   $0 (07-29-2016 - SD)

Allen Ratliff v. State of North Dakota

A jury found Ratliff and two others guilty of robbery, burglary, two counts of aggravated assault, theft of property, and felonious restraint in connection with an April 2012 home invasion in Grand Forks. This Court affirmed the convictions in State v. Ratliff, 2014 ND 156, 849 N.W.2d 183. In October 2014, Ratliff filed an application for postconviction relief alleging numerous grounds, including ... More...   $0 (07-28-2016 - ND)

David Anthony Jordan v. State of Indiana

The relevant procedural facts follow. On August 14, 2001, the State charged
Jordan with: Count I, Class B felony burglary; Count II, Class C felony
stalking; Count III, Class B misdemeanor invasion of privacy; and Count IV,
Class B misdemeanor criminal mischief. The cause was assigned to Circuit
Court #3 and the Honorable Thomas Newman, Jr. (“Judge Newman”).
[4] On Ja... More...
   $0 (07-23-2016 - IN)

State of Missouri vs. Adrian E. Roberson

The State charged Roberson with one count of murder in the second degree for
killing Brandon Sloan ("Sloan") during the perpetration of a robbery, four counts of
robbery in the first degree for forcibly stealing the cell phones and money of four other
individuals, and five counts of armed criminal action for using a deadly weapon to
commit the murder and the robberies. Roberso... More...
   $0 (07-23-2016 - MO)

United States of America v. Andrew Helton

Los Angeles, CA - Oregon Man Sentenced to Prison for Hacking into Hundreds of E-Mail Accounts and Stealing Personal Photos Belonging to Victims

An Oregon man was sentenced to six months in federal prison for a computer hacking scheme that gave him illegal access to 363 Apple and Google e-mail accounts, including those belonging to members of the entertainment industry in Los Angeles.
... More...
   $0 (07-21-2016 - CA)


Joey Herndon appeals from his jury convictions of aggravated endangering a child, discharging a firearm at an occupied vehicle, discharging a firearm at an unoccupied dwelling, and two counts of aggravated assault. The district court sentenced Herndon to 38 months in prison. On appeal, Herndon contends: (1) insufficient evidence supported his conviction for aggravated endangering a child; (2) the... More...   $0 (07-17-2016 - KS)

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