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Pacific Gas and Electric Company v. Hart High-Voltage Apparatus Repair and Testing Co., Inc.

Plaintiff Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) sued defendant HART HighVoltage
Apparatus Repair and Testing Co., Inc. (HART) for negligently servicing a large
transformer at a hydroelectric power plant and for damages under Public Utilities Code1
section 7952. PG&E alleged it incurred dirct and indirect costs of approximately $8.1
HART filed a motion for summary adj... More...
   $0 (12-14-2017 - CA)

E. Peter Healey v. Edwin N. Healey, Elizabeth Healey and Michael R. Healey

E. Peter Healey (Pete) appeals from an adverse judgment rendered after a jury trial in this family dispute involving duty and money. Initially brought by his father, Edwin N. Healey (Bud), against Pete and his brothers Paul C. Healey and Mark J. Healey, the suit widened when Pete named his siblings, Elizabeth Healey (Liza) and Michael R. Healey (Mike) as third-party defendants. Pete asserts ten is... More...   $0 (07-12-2017 - TX)

Elma Garza Gonzalez v. Norma Garza Martinez, Ricardo Garza Gonzalez, Albino Garza Gonzalez, Hugo Garza Gonzalez, Danny Garza Gonzalez, Yesenia Quijana, Julio Cesar Garza Gonzalez and Raul Garza

Appellant Elma Garza Gonzalez was sued by her eight siblings for fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and conversion in connection with the disposition of their
late father’s assets. The trial court granted summary judgment against Elma,
awarding damages to her siblings and declaring void a gift of real property.
On appeal, Elma raises two issues, arguing that the court lacked subjec... More...
   $0 (05-23-2017 - TX)


Jazmond and Keenan are brothers; Kendale is their cousin. One evening
in late August 2015, they were “hanging out” on Pershing Avenue in Davenport.
They saw Ramon, who they knew sold marijuana, take something out of his trunk
and enter the house where he lived with his father, Raymond March. Kendale
recalled discussing with his two companions a plan to take marijuana from More...
   $0 (04-06-2017 - IA)


The incidents in this case took place on October 6, 2013, between Martinez and his common-law wife, M.H.C., after M.H.C. had obtained a temporary PFA order against Martinez.

On September 20, 2013, M.H.C. obtained the temporary PFA order against Martinez. The order prohibited all contact between the two and gave M.H.C. exclusive possession of their residence and business. The order grant... More...
   $0 (12-28-2016 - KS)


Jonathan Davis appeals from the district court’s order requiring payment
of restitution for his conviction of operating while intoxicated (OWI) (marijuana),
first offense, in violation of Iowa Code section 321J.2 (2013). Davis previously
appealed his conviction, and we affirmed. State v. Davis, No. 14-1976, 2016 WL
1677591, at *1 (Iowa Ct. App. Apr. 27, 2016). After a hearin... More...
   $0 (11-30-2016 - IA)

Samantha Gillespie and Tina Taylor v. National Farmers Union Property & Casualty Company

Gillespie and Taylor sued Farmers Union for underinsured motor vehicle coverage, alleging Gillespie was insured under her mother's motor vehicle policy with Farmers Union and was driving a motor vehicle owned by another person when Gillespie lost control of the vehicle and it overturned, resulting in significant injuries to her. According to Gillespie and Taylor, the motor vehicle was owned by An... More...   $0 (10-10-2016 - ND)

Juan Carlos Flores v. Chasco, Inc. a/k/a Chasco Interiors, Inc., et al.

In July 2008, Flores was installing an HVAC system in a warehouse. He and a co-worker
were working together to install duct work inside the building. Flores was seriously injured
when a scissor lift he was using fell over while extended. Flores sued appellees and others
involved in the construction project.
Alcatel USA Sourcing, Inc. had hired appellee ICI as the ... More...
   $0 (10-03-2016 - TX)


Craig Whaley is the owner of a building where he stored farming equipment
and metal tools. On 31 July 2012, Mr. Whaley discovered that a large number of
items were missing from the building. The next day Mr. Whaley located his missing
property on the premises of Metal Recyclers of Whiteville (“Metal Recyclers”), a
business that purchases scrap metal. Mr. Whaley testified tha... More...
   $0 (09-05-2016 - NC)

Christopher Blake v. Progressive Northern Insurance

A motion for judgment on the pleadings under Vt. R. Civ. P. 12(c) is judged under the same standard as a Rule 12(b)(6) motion to dismiss. Irish Lesbian and Gay Org. v. Giuliani, 143 F.3d 638, 644 (2d Cir. 1998). The “complaint should not be dismissed ‘unless it appears beyond doubt that the plaintiff can prove no set of facts in support of his claim which would entitle him to relief.’” George C... More...   $0 (04-24-2016 - VT)

Michael Paul Reid v. Commonwealth of Virginia

At trial, two witnesses (Christina Etienne and Alexander Williams, or “the victims”)
testified to similar interactions with Reid, although their interactions occurred months apart. On
both occasions, while driving near the Newport News Shipyard, Reid flagged the victim down.
He told them that he worked at the Shipyard and that his car had been towed for parking
illegally. He... More...
   $0 (03-28-2016 - VA)

Rosario Turdo v. James Main

Rosario Turdo, the plaintiff, appeals from a March 10, 2014 judgment following a jury-waived trial in the Washington County Superior Court. The trial justice entered judgment in favor of James Main, the defendant, on the plaintiff’s breach of contract claim and also entered judgment in favor of the defendant on his counterclaim for
conversion. In addition, the plaintiff appeals from the May... More...
   $0 (02-19-2016 - RI)

Safeway, Inc. v. Rooter 2000 Plumbing and Drain SSS

This appeal arises out of a cross-claim for contractual and traditional
4 indemnification. The complaint alleged that Plaintiffs, Briana Fierro and Jason Fierro,
5 suffered injuries when a baby changing table collapsed in a Safeway store, and that
6 the collapse was the result of negligence on the part of Safeway, Inc. (Safeway) and
7 Rooter 2000 Plumbing and Drain SSS (Rooter). T... More...
   $0 (02-18-2016 - NM)

State of Tennessee v. Elvis Strickland

The defendant was indicted for aggravated arson as a result of his throwing a “Molotov cocktail” into Coda’s Liquor Store in Memphis, Tennessee, on May 31, 2013. Malvin Osborne testified that he was working as a clerk at Coda’s Liquor Store on the night in question when he received a complaint from a customer that caused him to go outside into the parking lot. Mr. Osborne observed the defendant ... More...   $0 (12-23-2015 - TN)

Lawing v. Univar

This case revolves around the packaging and labeling of sodium bromate, a chemical which contributed to a fire that occurred in a plant owned by Engelhard Corporation (Engelhard) in Seneca, South Carolina, in June 2004. At the time of the fire, Scott Lawing worked at Engelhard's Seneca plant as a maintenance mechanic.1 Engelhard produced a precious metal catalyst used in the automobile industry,... More...   $0 (12-05-2015 - SC)

William P. Aubin v. Union Carbide Corporation

William P. Aubin worked as a construction supervisor for his father’s
company between 1972 and 1974, overseeing construction of the residential
development Desoto Lakes in Sarasota, Florida. While at work on the construction
site, Aubin was exposed to and inhaled respirable dust created by the sanding and
sweeping of drywall joint compounds and spraying of ceiling texture spra... More...
   $0 (11-01-2015 - FL)

Touher v. Town of Essex

This appeal arises from a series of disputes
between the seasonal residents of Conomo Point and the town of
Essex (town), which owns and rents them the land on which they
reside. Four sets of plaintiff residents filed a complaint
seeking a declaration that they owned the buildings they had
erected on the town's land. After a jury-waived trial, a
Superior Court judge... More...
   $0 (08-10-2015 - MA)

United States of America v. Wade Williams

Seattle, WA - An enrolled member of the Suquamish Indian Tribe was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Tacoma to 18 months in prison for two counts of assault resulting in substantial bodily injury, announced U.S. Attorney Annette L. Hayes. WADE WILLIAMS, 43, of Suquamish, Washington admitted assaulting his domestic partner in February 2013 and in May 2014. Originally charged for the February 20... More...   $0 (05-29-2015 - WA)

Afsheen Alborzian v. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.

A lender who lends money used to purchase a parcel of property and who holds a junior lien on that property cannot sue the borrower personally for the loan balance if the senior lienholder who also contributed to the purchase of the property forecloses on the property but does not collect enough from the foreclosure sale to pay off the junior lienholder. (Former Code Civ. Proc., § 580b, enacted b... More...   $0 (03-12-2015 - CA)

State of Washington v. LG Electronics, inc., et al.

In resolving this appeal, which requires us to consider the
due process limitations on the exercise of personal jurisdiction over certain
foreign corporations, we hold that because a product manufactured by these
foreign corporations was sold—as an integrated component part of retail
consumer goods—into Washington in high volume over a period of years, the
corporations "pur... More...
   $0 (01-12-2015 - WA)

Sayed Gad Omargharib v. Eric H. Holder, Jr.

In this appeal, we consider whether Sayed Gad Omargharib’s conviction under Virginia’s grand larceny statute, Va. Code Ann. § 18.2-95, constitutes an “aggravated felony” under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) § 101, 8 U.S.C. § 1101(a)(43). The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) answered this question in the affirmative using the so-called modified categorical approach, as clari... More...   $0 (12-23-2014 - VA)

Regent Alliance, Ltd. v. Rouhollah Rabizadeh

Regent Alliance Ltd. (Regent) sued three purchasers of children’s clothing for conversion, alleging that the purchasers bought, from other defendants, clothing belonging to Regent that those other defendants had converted. The trial court granted the purchasers’ motions for summary judgment, and Regent appeals. We reverse.
Regent, a Hong Kong corporation that manufactures ch... More...
   $0 (11-25-2014 - CA)

Insurance Alliance v. Lake Texoma Highport, LLC and Bowood Partners, Limited

After its marina on Lake Texoma was damaged in a flood, Lake Texoma Highport, LLC sued its insurance broker, Insurance Alliance, and a London broker, Bowood Partners, Limited, because the policy in place at the time of the flood was not the policy Highport had requested. A jury returned a verdict in Highport’s favor. The trial court’s judgment ordered that Highport recover damages and attorney... More...   $0 (11-19-2014 - TX)

Dr. Bruce Prescott, et al. v. Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission

Oklahoma City, OK - Motion for summary judgment against ACLU lawsuit challenging the constitutionally of placing Ten Commandments monument on public property next to Oklahoma state capitol building sustained by Oklahoma County, Oklahoma District Judge Thomas Prince.


Copies of the pleadings and motions filed by the parties are s... More...
   $0 (09-19-2014 - OK)

Medical Recovery Services, LLC v. Bonneville Billing and Collections, Inc.

This is an appeal from the district court sitting in its appellate capacity and comes before this Court on review from the Idaho Court of Appeals. We reverse the decision of the district court and remand with instructions.
This is a dispute between two collections agencies, Medical Recovery Services, LLC (MRS) and Bonneville Billing and Collections, Inc... More...
   $0 (08-21-2014 - ID)

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