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Arson Law
United States of America v. Valentino Johnson Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Courthouse - San Francisco, California

Valentino Johnson was convicted as a felon in
possession of a firearm, in violation of 18 U.S.C.
§§ 922(g)(1) & 924(e), after an emergency 911 call reporting
an attempted suicide led San Francisco police to discover a
handgun at the apartment where Johnson was temporarily
staying while on parole. Johnson challenges the denial of
two motions to... More...
   $0 (11-27-2017 - CA)


On October 4, 2014, police responded to a report of vehicle prowling. The
responding officer found Anthony Joseph asleep in an unlocked Chevy Blazer on a
public street in Ellensburg. The officer recognized Joseph and knew that he was
homeless. The officer contacted Joseph and told him to exit the vehicle.
Initially, Joseph said that he had the owner's permission; however, he thenMore...
   $0 (11-26-2017 - )

State of Tennessee v. Thomas Paul Odum Guilty, Sentencing begins in murder trial

On July 4, 2014, Tyler Womack, the victim, walked from the home he shared with his grandmother, Vicky Lee Womack, to a home across the street to borrow an air compressor from his neighbor, Art Ingram. When the victim did not return promptly and failed to respond to several text messages from Ms. Womack, she walked over to the Ingram property to look for her grandson. She found the victim lying d... More...   $0 (11-20-2017 - TN)

Brian D. Williams v. United States of America Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Courthouse - Cincinnati, Ohio

In this case the district court denied Brian Williams’ motion to
vacate his sentence under 28 U.S.C. § 2255. Williams received an enhanced sentence under the
Armed Career Criminal Act, 18 U.S.C. § 924(e) (“ACCA”), and he petitioned for relief in light
of the Supreme Court’s decision in United States v. Johnson, 135 S. Ct. 2551 (2015) (“Johnson
II”), which struck down the residual c... More...
   $0 (11-15-2017 - OH)

George Landy v. State of Indiana Indiana Supreme Court

On June 12, 2016, David Chic reported stolen his 2005 BMW, which he had
purchased earlier that year for $13,000. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police
Officer Albert Teaters was on patrol around 1:30 a.m. on June 14, 2016, when
he encountered the BMW heading northbound near the intersection of Dr.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Street and 21st Street. Landy was driving the BMW.
[4] ... More...
   $0 (11-11-2017 - IN)

United States of America v. Brad Jason Long Southern District of Alabama Federal Courthouse - Mobile, Alabama

Mobile, AL - Mobile Man Sentenced on Felon in Possession of Firearm Charges

Brad Jason Long of Mobile County, Alabama was sentenced in federal court on November 7, 2017 to 180 months imprisonment based on his guilty plea to the crime of being a felon in possession of a firearm and being found to be a career criminal, subject to 18 U.S.C. 924(e).

On or about January 3, 2017, in ... More...
   $0 (11-11-2017 - AL)

State of Wisconsin v. Dan J. Dopp Milwaukee County Courthouse - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, WI - Jury Finds Man Mentally Ill When He Committed Triple Murder

The State of Wisconsin charged Dan Popp with three counts of first-degree intentional homicide for killing Mai Vue and Phia Vue and Jesus Panso-Perez.

Popp claimed insanity as his defense.

Count No.



1st-Degree Intentional Homicide
<... More...
   $0 (11-10-2017 - WI)


On February 7, 1991, Johnson pled guilty to aggravated battery in case No. 90 CR 1426; first-degree murder, aggravated burglary, aggravated battery, aggravated arson, rape, aggravated sodomy, and two counts of aggravated kidnapping in case No. 90 CR 1427; and aggravated arson in case No. 90 CR 1843. In the first two cases, Johnson was 17 years old at the time he committed the crimes. In the last c... More...   $0 (11-08-2017 - KS)

United States of America v. Terrance Tyrone Davis Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals - Elbert P. Tuttle Federal Courthouse - Atlanta, Georgia

This is an ACCA “violent felony” issue case. So here we go down the rabbit hole again to a realm where we must close our eyes as judges to what we know as men and women. It is a pretend place in which a crime that the defendant committed violently is transformed into a non-violent one because other defendants at other times may have been convicted, or future defendants could be convicted, of viola... More...   $0 (11-07-2017 - AL)


Appellant was indicted for the murder of Keith Colston and first-degree
arson relating to the burning of the Colston residence. His first trial ended
I . I with a hung jury. Upon retrial, he was convicted and sentenced to life
imprisonment. On appellate review; th:l.s Court reversed the convictions and
remanded the case for a third trial. See Ross v. Commonwealth, 2015 WL
... More...
   $0 (11-07-2017 - KY)

JORGE YARUR BASCUÑÁN, ET AL. v. DANIEL YARUR ELSACA, ET AL. Second Circuit Court of Appeals - New York, New York

The question presented in this appeal is whether the plaintiffs
have plausibly alleged “a domestic injury” to their business or
property within the meaning of Section 1964(c) of the Racketeer
Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”), the provision
commonly referred to as civil RICO.1 This question is one of first
impression—in this (or any) Court of Appeals—arising fro... More...
   $0 (11-02-2017 - NY)

United States of America v. Glenna Elswick Western District of Virginia Federal Courthouse - Abingdon, Virginia

Abingdon, VA - Tazewell Woman Sentenced On Federal Firearms Charges - Glenna Elswick Admitted to Purchasing Firearms for her Son; Lying about Purchases

A Tazewell woman, who illegally purchased and provided firearms to her son was sentenced.

Glenna Elswick, 50, was sentenced to six months in prison. Previously, Elswick pleaded guilty to one count of making a false statement in c... More...
   $0 (10-30-2017 - VA)

State of Oklahoma v. Buddy Wilkinson Wagoner County Courthouse - Wagoner, Oklahoma

Wagoner, OK - Defendant Pleads Guilty To Arson Charge and Gets Five Years

The State of Oklahoma charged Buddy Wilkinson with:


The State charged that Defendant used gasoline to set fire to a brush pile and damaged Dottie Brown's uninhabited house on August 31, 2016.... More...
   $0 (10-25-2017 - OK)

State of Michigan v. Sharyl Watkins Cratiot County Courthouse - Ithaca, Michigan

Ithaca, MI - Jury Convicts Woman of Arson For Burning Down Her Own Home

The State of Michigan charged Sharyl Watkins, age 39, with second degree arson, arson of insured personal property and preparation to burn a dwelling for burning down her own home to prevent it from being inspected as part of an adoption.

Defendant's home caught on fire and burned on November 1, 2016. A spac... More...
   $0 (10-15-2017 - MI)

United States of America v. Lawrence James Taylor Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals - New Orleans, Louisiana

We are tasked with deciding whether Lawrence James Taylor’s claim that his sentence enhancement is no longer valid under the Armed Career Criminal Act (“ACCA”) is constitutionally or statutorily based in light of the district court’s conclusion that the now constitutionally defunct residual clause “played no role” at his sentencing. We hold that Taylor’s claim is constitutionally based and warrant... More...   $0 (10-12-2017 - TX)

Danielle Harmon Burfine v. City of Santa Clara, et al.

Santa Clara, CA - City Pays $6.7 Million For Broken Leg From Excessive Force

Danielle Burfine sued the City of Santa Clara on a government tort claim theory claiming that her leg was broken when she attempted to prevent police officers from entering her home without a warrant in 2016. The officers wanted to arrest Ms. Burfine's daughter who was suspected of committing arson. Burfine clai... More...
   $6700000 (09-29-2017 - CA)

Gregory Luce and Nicholas Newman v. Town of Campbell, Wisconsin and Tim Kelemen United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit - St. Louis, Missouri

Interstate 90 runs through
the Town of Campbell, Wisconsin. The speed limit on I-90 in
the Town is 65 miles per hour. Two streets and one pedestrian
overpass cross the highway within the Town. A traffic
survey in 2008 found that between 23,000 and 29,000 trucks
and cars pass through the Town on I-90 every day.
2 No. 15-2627
Gregory Luce and Nicholas Newman, two members ... More...
   $0 (09-27-2017 - WI)

Gavin Lee Buck v. Jesus Barragan, a/k/a Chito, et al. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals - San Francisco, California

Jesus Barragan, Pablo Franco, Francisco Gutierrez, and Hector Fernandez were convicted of conspiracy in violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”); Barragan was also convicted of drug crimes. They appeal their convictions and sentences. Although we find a portion of the prosecutor’s closing argument improper, we conclude that prejudice has not been shown
UNITE... More...
   $0 (09-09-2017 - ca)

United States of America v. Lonnie Ball Federal Courthouse - Portland, Maine

Defendant Lonnie Ball
challenges the district court's enhancement of his sentence under
the career offender guideline based on the court's determination
that Ball's prior conviction for Pennsylvania second-degree
robbery qualifies as a "crime of violence" as defined in § 4B1.2(a)
of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines Manual (U.S.S.G.) (U.S.
Sentencing Comm'n 2015).1 The parties... More...
   $0 (08-31-2017 - ME)

United States of America v. Howard Hoisington

Burlington, VT - Berlin Man Pleads Guilty in Fatal Arson Case

Howard Hoisington, age 34, formerly of Berlin, pleaded guilty on August 25, 2017 in the United States District Court in Burlington to arson and robbery charges stemming from the fatal arson that occurred in Northfield in December 2015. Hoisington, who has been detained since his arrest in December 2015, appeared before Chief Ju... More...
   $0 (08-29-2017 - VT)

The People of the State of Illinois v. Richard D. Lewis

¶ 1 Defendant, Richard D. Lewis, appeals his September 2014 conviction for unlawful
possession of methamphetamine precursors in violation of section 120(a) of the
Methamphetamine Control and Community Protection Act (Community Protection Act) (720
ILCS 646/120(a) (West 2012)). On appeal, defendant argues (1) the State failed to prove he
knowingly purchased, owned, or otherwise poss... More...
   $0 (08-02-2017 - IL)

United States of America v. Osman Rutilio Reyes

This Court implicitly held in United States v. Velasco, 465 F.3d 633 (5th
Cir. 2006), that the Illinois aggravated battery statute is divisible—meaning
that if a defendant has a prior conviction under that statute and a sentencing
court must determine whether this prior conviction qualifies for a sentencing
enhancement, the court should look to certain records of conviction to iden... More...
   $0 (08-02-2017 - TX)

DENIS GAILEY vs. STATE OF IOWA Appeals court rejects Gailey bid Former Webster County man serving life for kidnapping, other charges

In its ruling affirming Gailey’s convictions on direct appeal, this court set
forth the following facts surrounding the incident leading to Gailey’s charges:
The charges at issue in this case arose from a series of events that occurred on April 25, 2007. At the time, Gailey was under a protective order prohibiting contact with his wife, Dawn, and step-daughter, Jane Doe II. Dawn, acco... More...
   $0 (07-25-2017 - IA)

DENIS GAILEY vs. STATE OF IOWA Appeals court rejects Gailey bid Former Webster County man serving life for kidnapping, other charges

In its ruling affirming Gailey’s convictions on direct appeal, this court set
forth the following facts surrounding the incident leading to Gailey’s charges:
The charges at issue in this case arose from a series of events that occurred on April 25, 2007. At the time, Gailey was under a protective order prohibiting contact with his wife, Dawn, and step-daughter, Jane Doe II. Dawn, acco... More...
   $0 (07-24-2017 - IA)

Donald Harrell v. The State of Texas Bowie County man gets life for sexual abuse of 9-year-old girl

On September 16, 2015, F.H.1 made an outcry of sexual abuse against her uncle, Donald
Harrell. As a result, a Bowie County jury convicted Harrell of two counts of aggravated sexual
assault of a child2 and one count of indecency with a child by contact.3 For each of the two
convictions of aggravated sexual assault of a child, Harrell was sentenced to imprisonment for life,
and... More...
   $0 (07-20-2017 - TX)

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