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Accord and Satisfaction Law
Juan Marez v. The State of Texas Court of Appeals. Fifth District of Texas at Dallas

At the consolidated hearing on appellant’s open pleas described above, the State
presented the testimony of Anacleto Ramirez. Through an interpreter, Ramirez testified he is the
brother of appellant’s stepfather, Emillio Ramirez (“Emillio”). Ramirez stated that in June 2014,
he was visiting the home of Emillio and Emillio’s wife, Marvia, who is appellant’s mother.
Appellant arr... More...
   $0 (11-26-2017 - TX)


On October 4, 2014, police responded to a report of vehicle prowling. The
responding officer found Anthony Joseph asleep in an unlocked Chevy Blazer on a
public street in Ellensburg. The officer recognized Joseph and knew that he was
homeless. The officer contacted Joseph and told him to exit the vehicle.
Initially, Joseph said that he had the owner's permission; however, he thenMore...
   $0 (11-26-2017 - )

STATE OF UTAH v. MICHAEL WADDELL JOHNSON Jury returns guilty verdict for Michael Waddell Johnson in 1998 killing

Michael Johnson was charged and tried for murder. At trial, Mr. Johnson requested an instruction for the lesser offense of homicide by assault. The trial court agreed and stated on the record that it would use the homicide by assault instruction submitted by Mr. Johnson. ¶3 The jury returned a guilty verdict on the murder charge, and Mr. Johnson appealed his conviction to the court of appeals. H... More...   $0 (11-26-2017 - UT)

Arnetia Joyce Robinson v. Federal Housting Finance Agency Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Courthouse - Cincinnati, Ohio

Appellant Arnetia Joyce Robinson is a
stockholder in the Federal National Mortgage Association (“Fannie Mae”) and the Federal Home
Loan Mortgage Corporation (“Freddie Mac”; collectively, the “Companies”). During the
economic recession in 2007–2008, Congress enacted the Housing and Economic Recovery Act
of 2008 (“HERA”), which created an agency, Appellee Federal Housing Finance Agen... More...
   $0 (11-26-2017 - KY)

Hossein Shahbazian v. City of Rancho Palos verdes

Governments speak. They also petition. And they act in
ways that are neither speaking nor petitioning. It is important to
distinguish between the three, because Code of Civil Procedure
section 425.16 (section 425.16) may apply to the first two, but not
the third.
This case concerns whether the City of Rancho Palos
Verdes properly issued a permit for a fence separating twoMore...
   $0 (11-25-2017 - CA)

STATE OF IOWA vs. KEITH MECO COLLINS Teen charged with murder in Friday shooting

On November 7, 2016, police officers discovered the dead body of Aaron
McHenry with multiple gunshot wounds to the shoulder, arm, chest, and head. The
shooting occurred on a dead-end street at the twenty-six hundredth block of
Hickman Lane in Des Moines, Iowa.
Following the shooting and after finding a cell phone connecting Collins to
the murder, the police presented a s... More...
   $0 (11-23-2017 - IA)

Rebeca D. Balderas-Ramirez v. Anthony Carl Felder Travis County Courthouse - Austin, Texas

Rebeca D. Balderas-Ramirez appeals a final summary judgment that she take nothing
on claims she had asserted against Anthony Carl Felder following an automobile collision. The
pivotal issues on appeal concern whether Balderas-Ramirez presented any competent evidence of
property damages—including several years’ worth of claimed loss-of-use damages—and whether
any such damages exceed... More...
   $0 (11-23-2017 - TX)

Henry Lyons v. F. Wayne Vaught Eighth Circuit Courthouse - St. Louis, Missouri

Henry Lyons worked as a part-time lecturer at the University of Missouri
Kansas City (“UMKC”) for seven semesters, teaching a self-developed Career and
Life Development course. He was not asked to return for the Spring 2012 semester.
In this 42 U.S.C. § 1983 action, Lyons alleges that defendants’ decision not to renew
his contract was retaliation for his criticism of UMKC’s prefere... More...
   $0 (11-22-2017 - MO)

Hossein Shahbazian v. City of Rancho Palos Verdes

Governments speak. They also petition. And they act in
ways that are neither speaking nor petitioning. It is important to
distinguish between the three, because Code of Civil Procedure
section 425.16 (section 425.16) may apply to the first two, but not
the third.
This case concerns whether the City of Rancho Palos
Verdes properly issued a permit for a fence separating twoMore...
   $0 (11-22-2017 - CA)

Angel Martin Saavedra v. The State of Texas Cadena Reeves Justice Center - San Antonio Court of Appeals

Several witnesses testified at trial.
1. Lance Herrera
On June 5, 2015, at 6:22 p.m., Bexar County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Lance Herrera
responded to a family disturbance. Upon his arrival, Deputy Herrera found Saavedra in his vehicle
and instructed him to remain in his vehicle while Herrera ensured no immediate medical attention was required by any of the individuals involv... More...
   $0 (11-22-2017 - )

Jonathan Kennard v. The State of Texas Court of Appeals for the First District of Texas

In late February 2015, James Daniels posted an invitation on Facebook to his
friends to have them come celebrate his birthday at a nightclub near the intersection
of FM 1960 and Kuykendall Road in Harris County. Daniels, accompanied by his
friend Lester Williams, joined by a number of others, spent a few hours at the club.
While they were there, Daniels noticed Kennard, accom... More...
   $0 (11-22-2017 - TX)


On January 7, 2015, at 2:02 a.m., Hemminger called 911 to report that he had just been stabbed in the hand by Richard Hanley and was on his way to the hospital. He said that he had been at Goebel’s home and that someone should go to Goebel’s home because Hanley could still be there. Hanley and Goebel were in a relationship. Law enforcement officers went to Goebel’s home and found her lying on ... More...   $0 (11-22-2017 - SD)

Robert Klem v. Access Insurance Company

APPEAL from an order of the Superior Court of San Diego County, Joel R.
Wohlfeil, Judge. Reversed and remanded with directions.
Morris, Manning & Martin, Lewis E. Hassett; Boss Law Firm and Daniel R. Salas
for Defendants and Appellants.
Day Law Offices and Montie Stowell Day for Plaintiff and Respondent.
Robert Klem sued Access Insurance Company (Access Insurance) and AccessMore...
   $0 (11-22-2017 - CA)

State of Missouri v. David R. Anderson Missouri Court of Appeals - Western District Courthouse - Kansas City, Missouri

David Anderson appeals, following a jury trial, his convictions of first-degree assault,
§ 565.050,1 first-degree burglary, § 569.160, and two counts of armed criminal action, § 571.015,
for which he was sentenced as a persistent offender to a total term of eighteen years’
imprisonment. Anderson raises four points on appeal: (1) a double jeopardy violation based
upon his conviction... More...
   $0 (11-21-2017 - MO)

Eileen Bransten v. State of New York New York Court of Appeals Hall - Albany, New York

The issue presented on this appeal is whether Civil Service Law § 167 (8), as amended, authorizing a reduction of the State's contribution to health insurance benefits for State employees, including members of the State judiciary, violates the Judicial Compensation Clause [*2]of the State Constitution (NY Const, art VI, § 25 [a]). We conclude the State's contribution is not judicial compensation p... More...   $0 (11-21-2017 - NY)

In the Matter of Jesse Friedman v. Kathleen M. Rice New York Court of Appeals Hall - Albany, New York

On this appeal we clarify the proper interpretation of section 87 (2) (e) (iii) of our State's Freedom of Information Law (Public Officers Law art 6 [FOIL]), under which a government agency may seek to exempt from public inspection those records, or a portion thereof, "compiled for law enforcement purposes and which, if disclosed, would . . . identify a [*2]confidential source or disclose confiden... More...   $0 (11-21-2017 - )


The evidence at trial establishes the following factual background. Sherri
Hancock (“Ms. Hancock”) was at home on the afternoon of 17 January 2015, when
she heard a car pull into her driveway. Her house was at the end of a long driveway,
and not visible from the road. She looked out a window and saw a red Honda Accord
(“the car”) parked next to some bushes beside her house. ... More...
   $0 (11-21-2017 - NC)

Justin Hammett v. Paulding County, Georgia, et al. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals - Elbert P. Tuttle Federal Courthouse - Atlanta, Georgia

On October 17, 2012, police officers Joey Horsley, Nathalie Whitener, and
Joseph Mayfield, defendants-appellees in this case, executed a search warrant at a
private residence in Hiram, Georgia, intending to seize methamphetamines
suspected to be in the possession of Brenda Van Cleve. During the execution of
the warrant, a confrontation ensued. Each of the officers fired one shot, t... More...
   $0 (11-21-2017 - GA)

State of Utah v. Chadley Keith Calvert Third District Courthouse - West Jordan District - West Jordan, Utah

¶1 Chadley Keith Calvert appeals his convictions for aggravated assault, a third degree felony, and for threatening with or using a dangerous weapon in a fight or quarrel, a class A misdemeanor. Calvert contends that his trial counsel provided constitutionally ineffective assistance in failing to raise arguments related to double jeopardy and that the trial court exceeded its discretion in admitti... More...   $0 (11-20-2017 - UT)

William Rumburg, et ux. v. Ferry County PUD #1, et al. Ferry County Courthouse - Republic, Washington

At issue is whether William and Carol Rumburg timely filed suit
under tolling and grace periods provided by RCW 4.96.020, the local government tort
claim filing statute. After serving a second notice of claim on local government
defendants and allowing 60 days for the defendants to respond, the Rumburgs relied on
the statutory 5-day grace period in filing suit. The respondents cont... More...
   $0 (11-20-2017 - WA)

Stedman Payne v. The State of Texas Man faces prison time after forcing girl into prostitution

The complainant, M.W., a sixteen-year-old girl, texted with appellant after
meeting on an online dating website. M.W. informed appellant that she was a senior
in high school. Through text messages and social media, appellant recruited M.W.
to prostitute herself and have him as her pimp. M.W., a prior victim of human
trafficking, told appellant that she had done escorting before... More...
   $0 (11-20-2017 - TX)

State of Nebraska v. Harold W. Baker

Baker was charged with eight counts: count I, first
degree murder, a Class IA felony, for the killing of Richey;
count II, use of a firearm to commit a felony, a Class IC felony;
count III, first degree murder, a Class IA felony, for the killing
of Johnson; count IV, use of a firearm to commit a felony,
a Class IC felony; count V, attempted first degree murder,
a Class II f... More...
   $0 (11-19-2017 - NE)

Kristy Douglas v. Xerox Business Services, L.L.C. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Courthouse - San Francisco, California

In this appeal, we address an issue of first impression in
our circuit regarding the minimum-wage provision of the
Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). Specifically, we
consider whether the relevant unit for determining
minimum-wage compliance is the workweek as a whole or
each individual hour within the workweek. Although the
statutory text and context do not conclusively an... More...
   $0 (11-19-2017 - WA)

Bret Cornell v. City and County of San Francisco

Police officer trainee Bret Cornell, while off-duty and in street clothes, went for a
run one morning in Golden Gate Park, stopping for a brief rest on a knoll called Hippie
Hill. Two uniformed patrol officers in the area spotted him, thought he looked
“worried,” and grew suspicious because the bushes on Hippie Hill are known for illicit
drug activity. As the patrolmen began to app... More...
   $0 (11-17-2017 - CA)

Jeffrie McFarlin v. The State of Texas Court of Appeals - 4th District | Bexar County, TX

The trial court’s certification in this appeal states that “this criminal case is a verdict
resulting from a jury determination on the issue of competency to stand trial to which there is no
right of interlocutory appeal.” The clerk’s record contains the jury’s verdict that Appellant is
competent to stand trial and a judgment of competency—rendered on the jury’s verdict—by the
... More...
   $0 (11-16-2017 - TX)

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