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Date: 02-25-2004

Case Style: Joseph Bisignano v. Mary Toon

Case Number: Unknown

Judge: Unknown

Court: Circuit Court, Polk County, Iowa

Plaintiff's Attorney: Unknown

Defendant's Attorney: Unknown


Des Moines Banker Joseph Bisignano had a relationship with Marry Toon that lasted two years. During that time, he "loaned" her $175,000 and gave her more than $150,000 in clothing, jewelry and other gifts. When the relationship ended, he sued her to get her money back. He claimed that he was lovesick at the time and that Mary lied to him about her willingness to marry him to cheat him out of his money and the gifts.

Outcome: Plaintiff's verdict for $175,000.00.

Plaintiff's Experts: Unknown

Defendant's Experts: Unknown

Comments: None

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