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Date: 10-31-2011

Case Style: Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company v. Rex Welch

Case Number: CJ-2008-294

Judge: Paul K. Woodward

Court: District Court, Garfield County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney: Rod L. Cook, Keith French Givens, William Patrick Tunell, Jr.

Defendant's Attorney: David H. Cole, Nevin R. Kirkland, Kara S. Thom

Description: Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company sued Rex Welch, Welch Roofing & Construction, Inc., Midwest Roofing, Inc. and Denis Thompson d/b/a Dinosaur Construction and Remodeling for contribution and indemnity under 63 O.S. 981 for allowing activity within six feet of a high-voltage electrical wire. Plaintiff alleged that O G & E settled an the claim made in Aaron Cody Hokanson v. Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company, et al., CJ-116-01. Aaron Cody Hokanson was injured when he came into contact with a high voltage line while working on a roofing project for Welch Roofing in Enid, Oklahoma.

Defendant denied wrongdoing and further claim contributory negligence on the part of OG & E.

Outcome: The jury found that the parties were equally at fault and found that O G & E suffered $3,100,000 in damages.

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