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 Tracy Lynn Tiernan
320 S Boston Ave Ste 1130
Tulsa, OK 74103

Position: Attorney at Law

TEL: 918-587-7377

FAX: 918-592-3704

Email: Click Here


Admitted: Oklahoma, 1990

Law School: 


Birth Date and Place: 

Practice Areas: Criminal Defense, Family Law, Defrauding an Innkeeper; Child Abuse by Injury; Felony Possession of a Firearm; Public Intoxication; Obstructing an Officer, Resisting Arrest; unlawful possession of controlled drug with intent to distribute, Embezzlement

Additional Information: See: State of Oklahoma v. Joshua John Ricones; State of Oklahoma v. Guadalupe Cruz Vargas; STATE OF OKLAHOMA, Plaintiff, v. MASYN MICHAEL-CLARK VALENTINE, Defendant; State of Oklahoma v. Stuart Thomason Otis; State of Oklahoma v. Gilberto Dojorquez; State v. Corey Travell McHenry; State of Oklahoma v. Anthony Kaame Nketiah; State of Oklahoma v. Breonne Shakoy Hydia Rawlings ; State of Oklahoma v. Ashley Aisha Malheny; State of Oklahoma v. Ronald Dean Shaw; State of Oklahoma v. Bruce Owen Solomon

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