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 Stefanie Sarah Sinclair
Sinclair Law Firm
624 South Denver, Suite 300
Tulsa, OK 74119

Position: Member

TEL: 918-609-3227

FAX: 918-515-7462

Email: Click Here


Admitted: Oklahoma, 2014

Law School: University of Tulsa Law School, J.D.

College: Fort Lewis College, B.S., Marketing and International Business

Birth Date and Place: 

Practice Areas: Criminal Defense

Additional Information: 

Cherokee Indian Tribe Member; Public Defender for the Muskogee Creek Nation

Representative case representaitons: CJ-2014-373 01/29/2014 SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S v. WORKS AND LENTZ INC SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S (Plaintiff) CM-2016-5314 10/20/2016 State of Oklahoma v. WILLIAMS, CHRISTOPHER DAVID Sinclair, Stefanie S (Attorney) CF-2017-3449 06/15/2017 STATE OF OKLAHOMA v. GEORGE E GORDON Sinclair, Stefanie S (Attorney) CF-2017-5709 11/02/2017 STATE OF OKLAHOMA v. CHRISTY L NAVA Sinclair, Stefanie S (Attorney) FP-2012-21 01/24/2012 BAUL, ANTJUANE v. POST, ASHLIE SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CM-2014-1877 04/10/2014 STATE OF OKLAHOMA v. JAMES TREVOR SIGMON SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) FD-2014-2861 10/31/2014 In re the Marriage of: AURELIUS, JOSHUA and AURELIUS, CHRISTINA SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CM-2014-6497 12/01/2014 State of Oklahoma v. FLETCHER, KAIA WENONAH SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) PB-2014-943 12/05/2014 ESTATE OF SCOTT LEE CAPENER SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CM-2015-431 01/27/2015 State of Oklahoma v. COOK, MICHAEL DEAN SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) PB-2015-125 02/13/2015 ESTATE OF: DAVID SMITH SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) FD-2015-682 03/12/2015 RAUCH, BRIAN v. ASHER, ASHLEY ELIZABETH SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) FD-2015-800 03/25/2015 In re the Marriage of: JACKSON, PAULA and JACKSON, STEVEN DUANE SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CF-2015-3015 06/16/2015 STATE OF OKLAHOMA v. MICHAEL DAVID D'EATH SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) FP-2015-254 07/15/2015 HANNING, AARON H v. LEWIS, SARAH N SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CF-2015-4130 08/06/2015 STATE OF OKLAHOMA v. MICHAEL LEE LOPEZ WILLIAM MICHAEL YOUTSEY SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) SC-2015-13789 08/28/2015 Tonya Pivarnik v. Worx Property Management SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CF-2015-4783 09/08/2015 STATE OF OKLAHOMA v. FRED C THOMAS SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CF-2015-5926 11/06/2015 STATE OF OKLAHOMA v. BRIAN KELLY RAUCH SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CM-2015-6068 11/13/2015 State of Oklahoma v. FLYNN, WILLIAM NEAL SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CF-2015-6522 12/10/2015 STATE OF OKLAHOMA v. BOBBY GARRETT CLAYTON SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CF-2015-6807 12/28/2015 STATE OF OKLAHOMA v. JOSHUA MARK SHOEMAKE SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CM-2016-767 02/12/2016 State of Oklahoma v. DUNCAN, STEVEN JAMES SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) PB-2016-243 03/18/2016 ESTATE OF: ANTONIO GAONA SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) SC-2016-5194 04/07/2016 Aery Warren v. DANIEL HEADLEE Mark Milaccio Jennifer Sparks SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CV-2016-727 06/08/2016 ANGEL, DOUGLAS v. DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CV-2016-728 06/08/2016 BLOCKER, EDWAR EMRICK v. IN RE NAME CHANGE SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) PB-2016-513 06/21/2016 ESTATE OF: MELWYN KLAR SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CF-2016-3450 06/28/2016 STATE OF OKLAHOMA v. JARED JESSE HAYNES SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CJ-2016-2525 07/13/2016 COWAN, LORRI v. VALDEZ, CARLOS SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CM-2016-5567 11/04/2016 State of Oklahoma v. WILLIS, BRANDON KYLE SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CJ-2017-2272 06/09/2017 NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE LLC v. SEXTON, BRANDON SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) FD-2017-2427 09/29/2017 In re the Marriage of: BUGG, MONETTE REILLY and BUGG, BRUCE ALAN SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CV-2017-1202 10/04/2017 STATE OF OKLAHOMA STEVE KUNZWEILER DA v. SIXTEEN THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FIVE DOLLARS ($16,685.00) SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CF-2017-5996 11/21/2017 State of Oklahoma v. RICHARDSON, CHARLES LOGAN III SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CF-2017-6538 12/28/2017 State of Oklahoma v. BARNES, LUKE ALBERT SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) FD-2018-676 03/13/2018 In re the Marriage of: BELTRAN, JEFFREY and BELTRAN, LAURA SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) PB-2018-190 03/13/2018 ESTATE OF DEBRA LOUISE SOLIZ SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) CM-2018-2007 05/10/2018 State of Oklahoma v. YOUTSEY, WILLIAM MICHAEL SINCLAIR, STEFANIE S. (Attorney) FD-2013-606 02/28/2013 In re the Marriage of: HARRISON, ASHLEY and HARRISON, SHONTS Sinclair, Stefanie Sarah (Attorney)

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