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Medical Malpractice Law
Charles Campbell vs. Navarro Regional Hospital and Donald Childs, DDS and Jim Parks, CRNA

Medical Malpractice - Plaintiff, a 52-year-old female, fell from a horse and was taken to the emergency room with a broken jaw. The jaw was repaired by Dr. Childs, and then the plaintiff was sent to the recovery room. After the recovery room, she was transferred to the general floor. She was later found to be in respiratory distress. Plaintiff was in a coma for 10 days and died when life suppo... More...   $0 (07-08-2000 - TX)

Sammy Neil Thomason and Glinda Thomason vs. Wayne Z. Burkhead, Jr., M.D. W.B. Carrell Memorial Clinic Associated, Roger W. Porter, M.D.

Plaintiffs alleged medical malpractice in the failure to diagnose a joint infection. There was an infection in the elbow which required a fusion.... More...   $85600 (07-08-2000 - TX)

James E. Weir v. Ayaz H. Malik, M.D., Sulzer Spine Tech, Inc., Sulzer Orthopedics, Sun Medical, Inc. and Jay Gillespie

Medical Malpractice - Back fusion - Plaintiff underwent neck fusion (C5-C6 and C6-C7) to correct bulging disc. Plaintiff alleged Dr. Malik failed to properly perform fusion procedure, and plaintiff alleged orthopedic device failed. Screws were inserted through device and into cervical vertebrae to hold device in place until bone fusion took place. Screws pulled out, resulting in failed fusion o... More...   $0 (07-05-2000 - TX)

Shirley Keck v. Wesley Medical Center

Medical Malpractice - Pneumonia / Brain Damage - Plaintiff was admitted to Wesley Medical Center for pneumonia. Plaintiff contends that the nurse disobeyed the doctor's orders regarding oxygen levels and thus caused her to suffer severe brain damage rendering her mute and unable to care for herself. Plaintiff also contended that the hospital was understaffed in order to increase profits which ca... More...   $2700000 (07-03-2000 - KS)

Sean E. O'Reilly, et al. v. William O. DeWeese

Medical malpractice - Plaintiffs claimed that Dr. William O. DeWeese performed disk surgery on the wrong level of Sean E. O'Reilly's neck removing a healthy disk. O'Reilly, a 42-year-old former lineman for Tampa Electric Co., hasn't worked since the first surgery.

DeWeese asserted O'Reilly had a congenital disk problem that resulted in his disks being miscounted.... More...   $3800000 (07-01-2000 - FL)

Fellin v. Sahgal, et al.

Medical malpractice - failure to diagnose and treat congenital aneurysom in 23-year-old elevator mechanic who presented at Long Island College Hospital in 1991 complaining of severe pain in his back and a headache. Plaintiffs claimed that defendants failed to conduct a proper differential diagnosis and did not conduct a proper neurological examination of Mr. Fellin. He died several hours after b... More...   $41440000 (06-30-2000 - NY)

Sean and Lona O'Reilly v. William O. DeWeese, M.D. and William O. DeWeese, M.D., P.A.

Medical Malpractice - Wrong site surgery to the cervical spine - Diskectomy and fusion performed at C6-C7 level instead of C5-C6 level. Defendant William O. DeWeese, M.D., deviated from the standard of care by performing the diskectomy at the wrong cervical level, failing to do an appropriate pre-operative work-up and by failing to appreciate the patient's congenital fusion at C2-C3. The client ... More...   $3800000 (06-30-2000 - FL)

Johnna Rubin, et al. v. United States of America

Federal Tort Claim - Medical Malpractice - Wrongful Death - Plaintiff sought to recover damages for the death on March 29, 1994, of her husband, who, she alleged, died as a result of negligent and improper care and treatment furnished to him as an outpatient by government employees acting in the course of their employment at the Veterans Administration Area Medical Center, near Huntington, West Vi... More...   $0 (06-27-2000 - WV)

Eloise Ramos, et al. v. Marcus J. Sims, D.O. and Family Health Center of Ozona

Medical Malpractice - Rare Bacterial Pneumonia - Plaintiff sued individually and as the personal representative of her deceased husband's estate for his death after being treated by defendant doctor and treatment center. He apparently entered the medical center originally complaining of shoulder and hip pain. He was diagnosed with arthritis, given a shot and sent home. Later, the deceased's wif... More...   $0 (06-26-2000 - TX)

Pamela Sue Bailey v. Leon D. Zieter, M.D.

Medical malpractice - Plaintiff's husband died as a result of a perforation of the esophagus during an esophogoscopy performed in order to do a biopsy of a suspected carcinoma. After discharge, severe pain developed which led to re-hospitalization and attempted surgical repair. Death occurred about two weeks after the several surgeries. Decedent's children had infrequent contact. Decedent was ... More...   $100000 (06-22-2000 - AZ)

Steven Breedlover v. Lori Willyard, P.A. and OKC Clinic, P.C.

Medical malpractice - Alleged misdiagnosis of heart disease resulting in heart attack.... More...   $0 (06-22-2000 - OK)

Debra Johnson and Gahlen Johnson, Ind. and Next Friend of Amanda Johnson v. Gary Mellon, D.P.M. and Gene Reister, D.P.M., et al.

Medical malpractice - Plaintiff Amanda Johnson (15-year-old) went to Dr. Mellon for elective cosmetic surgery on her feet. (2nd toe on both feet was longer than the others.) Dr. Mellon performed surgery to remove a small length of bone from the metatarsal of each foot. Dr. Mellon failed to diagnose and properly treat bone infection which developed in each surgical site.... More...   $3727000 (06-19-2000 - TX)

Malcolm K. Rawson v. Baptist Hospital, Inc.

Medical Malpractice - Failure of emergency room doctors to promptly refer and transfer bends victim to nearest facility with hyperbaric chamber with resulting paralysis on lose of the use of the patient's legs, bowels and bladder. Plaintiff's was 34-years-old in 1998 when he developed the bends while diving near Pensacola, as a result of a number decisions which he claimed were substandard or neg... More...   $31100000 (06-12-2000 - FL)

Robert Nicklow v. Bassam Kharma and Western Pennsylvania Hospital

Medical Malpractice - Plaintiff claimed that he was severely burn with X-ray radiation and was exposed to increased risk of developing cancer as a result of being exposed to enough X-ray energy to produce 50,000 X-rays. Plaintiff entered Western Pennsylvania Hospital for an angioplasty under the care of Dr. Kharma who used a flouroscope to perform the procedure. Plaintiff claimed that the defend... More...   $1000000 (06-12-2000 - PA)

Mary Jane Anderson v. Stephen Conner, M.D.

Medical malpractice - knee surgery. Plaintiff, an RN, was injured in a fall at home, suffering a tibial plateu fracture which was surgically reduced by Defenndant at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City in May, 1996. Plaintiff had three additional surgeries ending in a total knee replacement.... More...   $1100000 (06-12-2000 - OK)

Mary Gale v. Dr. Elliot Jacobs

Medical Malpractice - Informed Consent - Plaintiff, age 43, claimed that Dr. Elliot Jacoby, a cosmetic surgeon, used silicone breast implants to enlarge plaintiff's buttocks. Gale alleged malpractice, negligence, pain and suffering, lost income, and mental anguish.

Defendant denied wrongdoing and claimed that plaintiff was a "plastic surgery junkie" who had undergone six plastic surgery ... More...   $30000 (06-12-2000 - NY)

Keith Ackerson v. Gregg Ratliff, M.D.

Plaintiff brought a medical malpractice suit alleging the surgical procedure to his face and eyes was not carried out as promised, and that he subsequently suffered from ectropion (lower eyelid rolled down, scleral show) unnecessarily, although it is an understood potential complication of lower eyelid plastic surgery. The ectropion has been corrected to some extent after repeated procedures, but... More...   $0 (06-09-2000 - OK)

Michael McMahon Vs. Ronald Henry, M.D.

Medical Malpractice - The allegations made by the plaintiff and the defenses asserted by the defendant are unknown at this time.... More...   $0 (06-09-2000 - TX)

Lyndell S. Hill, Sr. vs. Todd W. Trask, MD

Medical Malpractice - Claims made by the plaintiff and defenses asserted by the defendant are unknown at this time.... More...   $0 (06-09-2000 - TX)

Ken and Cynthia Domann, et al. v. Debbie Vigil, M.D.

Medical Malpractice - Labor and Delivery - Pliantiff, Cynthia Domann, gave birth to Melanie Domann on November 1, 1996 and sustained severe and permanent damages and injuries as a result of alleged negilgence on the part of Dr. Vigil, possibly from an amniotic fluid embolism. Plaintiffs claimed that Dr. Vigil's care and treatment of Mrs. Domann was substandard and negligent.

Dr. Vigil denied a... More...   $0 (06-06-2000 - NM)

Rebecca D. Grider vs. Memorial City Hospital

Medical Malpractice... More...   $0 (06-06-2000 - TX)

Doe v. FirstHealth of the Carolinas, Inc.

Medical malpractice - nursing malpractice - Doe was born pre-maturely and was place on two liquid-filled plastic bags that had been heated in a microwave oven. The bags were too hot and burned the baby's back and buttocks. As a result of insult, she also developed intracranial bleeding, hydrocephalus, and bacterial meningitis. As a result, Doe suffers from neurological deficits and requires ext... More...   $9000000 (06-01-2000 - NC)

Mederos v. Advocate Health Care Network d/b/a Ravenswood Hospital Medical Center, James B. Gallai, M.D., James B. Ballai, M.D., S.C., Donald Vidger, M.D. and Sunnyside Anesthesia Associates

Medical Malpractice - Failure to properly diagnose and treat bleeding in the lungs of Anna Mederos who was undergoing a bronchoscopy with resulting severe brain damage. Ms. Mederos was undergoing a routine diagnostic bronchoscopy at Ravenswood Hospital in Chicago in April 1995 when she started bleeding when Dr. James Gallai attempted to take tissue from one of her lungs and nicked an artery. Ms.... More...   $55400000 (05-26-2000 - IL)

Eusebio Mederos, et al. v. Ravenswood Hospital Medical Center, et al.

Medical Malpractice - Brain Damage - Anna Mederos, age 59, began bleeding during a bronchoscopy procedure in 1995. She was not promptly intubated and she suffered irreversible brain damage. Mrs. Mederos family brought suit against Ravenswood Hospital Medical Center, Dr. Donald L. Vidger, an anesthesiologist; Sunnyside Anesthesia Association; an Dr. James B. Gallai, a specialist in pulmonary dise... More...   $55000000 (05-26-2000 - IL)

Betty Carolyn Morava v. Central Oklahoma Medical Group

Medical Malpractice - The allegations made by the plaintiff and the defenses asserted by the defendant are unknown at this time.... More...   $1500000 (05-26-2000 - OK)

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