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Emotional Distress Law
Dana Williams v. Dustin Bue Ruhland

Dana Williams sued Dustin Blue Ruhland and Signature Roofing Eagle Construction, Inc. on assault and battery theory, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress theories. Plaintiff alleged the following:

1. At all times relevant to this suit, Petitioner, Dustin Ruhland, (hereinafter “Ruhland”), resides in Tulsa County. All actions and events occurred in Tulsa County. T... More...
   $1 (11-27-2012 - OK)

Oklahoma Vision Development Center, Inc. d/b/a Harrel Eyecare Center v. Dorothy S. Ford

Oklahoma Vision Development Center, Inc. d/b/a Harrel Eyecare Center, Lynsey Bigheart, O.D., Monte Harrell, O.D. sued Dorothy S. Ford, aka Buffy Ford, Stacy L. Carpenter and Courtney L. Carpenter on libel, deceptive trade practices act and intentional infliction of emotional distress theories.

Defendants moved for summary judgment claiming:

Come now the Defendants, and move this Cou... More...
   $1 (11-21-2012 - OK)

John C. Reynolds v. Tyler Cooper and United States Beef Corporation d/b/a Arby's

John C. Reynolds sued Tyler Cooper and United States Beef Corporation d/b/a Arby's on an auto negligence theory.

COMES NOW, the Plaintiff, John C. Reynolds, [“Plaintiff’], for his Amended Petition adding Unit4l States Beef Corporation d/bla Arby’s, a Domestic For Profit Business Corporation, [“ Defendan1 Arby’s”l, and hereby alleges and states:

1. On 4prii 29, 2011, ... More...
   $1 (11-18-2012 - )

Stephen R. Kovacs, D.O. v. Mark Warren

Stephen R. Kovacs, D.O. sued Mark Warren, Bret A. Unterschuetz and Arthur H. Adams, P.C. on intentional infliction of emotional distress, defamation, libel, slander, and intentional interference with contractual relations theories seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

In April of 2005, Stephen R. Kovacs, D.O. (“Dr. Kovacs”) and Urgent Care of Green Country, P.L.L.C. (“Urgent Care... More...
   $221351 (11-17-2012 - OK)

Candy Guajardo v. GC Services, L.P.

Candy Guajardo owed GC Services, LP’s (“GC”) $400.45 for an unpaid Sprint telephone bill. Guajardo alleged that when GC attempted to collect payment, GC mailed letters to her home address and made threatening and harassing telephone calls to her at work in an effort to collect the debt. Id. Guajardo filed suit against GC, alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (the “... More...   $0 (11-08-2012 - TX)

Efrain Sanchez v. City of Chicago

Efrain Sanchez sued the City of Chicago and two of its police officers, Rick Caballero and Matthew Peterson, pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1983. Sanchez alleged that Caballero and Peterson had falsely arrested him, employed excessive force against him during the arrest, and failed to intervene in the misconduct of one another and other unnamed officers in connection with the arrest—all in contraventi... More...   $0 (11-07-2012 - IL)

Taylor Nelms v. State of Oklahoma, ex rel. Northwetern Oklahoma State University

1. Plaintiff Taylor Nelms is a resident of the State of Oklahoma.

2. Defendant State of Oklahoma, ex rel. Northwestern Oklahoma State University (“Northwestern”), is a political subdivision of the State of Oklahoma.

3. This Court has jurisdiction over the parties and the subject matter of this action, and the venue is proper in Oklahoma County.

4. During the Fall of 2009, ... More...
   $25000 (11-06-2012 - OK)

Samantha Elledge v. SSM Healthcare of Oklahoma, Inc.

COME NOW, SAMANTHA ELLEDGE, Individually and as Next Friend of DANIEL MILLER, a Minor hereinafter referred to as “Plaintiffs, complaining of SSM HEALTHCARE OF OKLAHOMA, INC., dlb/a ST. ANTHONY’S HOSPITAL, ANTHONY DWAYNE JACKSON, M.D., ANTHONY D. JACKSON, M.D., P.C., and KAYCI DAE LEWIS, D.O., hereinafter collectively referred to as “Defendants,” and for cause of action would respectfully s... More...   $1 (11-05-2012 - OK)

Terry L. Stowers v. Ann Stanford

COMES NOW Terry L. Stowers, Mary Annette Stowers and Kylie M. Stowers (hereinafter collectively ‘Plaintiffs” or “Stowers”) and for theft cause of action against the Defendant, Mn Stanford, allege and state as follows:

1. Plaintffl, Terry L. Stowers (“Terry”) and Mary Annette Stowers (“Annette”), are the owners of a tract of land consisting of 8.12 acres located at 5115 B. Ce... More...
   $1 (11-02-2012 - OK)

Taylor Morgan v. S & R Properties, Inc.

The Plaintiff, Taylor Morgan, by and through her attorneys, Morgan, Allen and King, for her claim for relief against the Defendant, S&R Properties, Inc., states:

1. Plaintiff is a resident of Cleveland County, Oklahoma.

2. Defendant is a corporation organized under the laws of Oklahoma and at all times present in Oklahoma. Defendant owns rental properties in Cleveland County.

... More...
   $1 (11-01-2012 - OK)

Chad Allen Istook v. David Shad DeWitt

COME NOW, the Plaintiff, Chad Allen Istook, individually sues the Defendants, David Shad Dewitt (aka Chris Black), Lawrence Earl Sanders (aka Les Riggs), Dewitt & Sanders LLC (aka The Bounty Boys), Richard Divelbiss, Sooner Bail Bonds, Inc., Local TV LLC (dba KFOR-TV), and Griffin Communications LLC (dba KWTV-TV), and for reasons therefore states as follows:

1. Plaintiff Chad Allen Istook i... More...
   $1 (11-01-2012 - OK)

Layton D. Goad v. Derrick Carothers

COMES NOW the Plaintiff, Layton Dean Goad, by and through his Counsel Sam G. Caporal and with his first, second, third causes of action for actual and punitive damages against the Defendants, Derrick Carothers., Devon Carothers., Rodney Carothers., and Steve Brumley (Hereinafter Defendants) and states:



COMES NO... More...
   $0 (11-01-2012 - OK)

Lawrence Trainor v. HEI Hospitality, LLC

A time worn proverb teaches that "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Much the same dynamic can be in play when, as in this case, a corporation abruptly cashiers a member of senior management who believes that he deserves better.

In this instance the denouement prompted a suit for age discrimination and retaliation. After a protracted trial, the jury found the employer guilty... More...
   $0 (11-01-2012 - MA)

Jason Dollarhide v. Evan Boren

COMES NOW the Plaintiff, Jason Dollarhide, and for his causes of action against the Defendant, Evan Boren, and states as follows:
1. On January 3, 2012 the Plaintiff was at his father’s place of business, Noble Auto and Truck Service, in Noble, Cleveland County, Oklahoma.
2. The Defendant, Boren, a teacher and coach at Noble High School, arrived at Noble Auto and Tr... More...
   $0 (10-27-2012 - OK)

Tamika Nashae Davis v. Prosperity Bank

This is an appeal from a summary judgment in favor of a bank on claims for alleged false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, and defamation arising from the bank’s handling of an incident involving a counterfeit check. We affirm the trial court’s judgment.


Plaintiffs/appellants Tamika Nashae Davis and her mother Elizabeth Ann Davis (collectively... More...
   $0 (10-27-2012 - TX)

Ellen Rony v. Paolo Costa

To make way for an outdoor pizza oven in his back yard, defendant and appellant Paolo Costa hired a day laborer to remove overhanging tree limbs from nearby trees, one of which was a Monterey cypress growing on his neighbor‟s, plaintiff and respondent Ellen Rony‟s, property. However, the laborer not only trimmed limbs overhanging Costa‟s property, he also lopped off portions of the cypress s... More...   $0 (10-26-2012 - CA)

Keith Fullington v. EQuilon Enterprises, LLC

This appeal arises out of one of a series of suits between defendant Equilon Enterprises LLC (Equilon) and plaintiff Keith Fullington (Fullington), a former Equilon franchisee. Fullington appeals the summary adjudication for Equilon of causes of action for fraud and violation of Business and Professions Code section 21148. We reverse.


I. Prior Litigation Between th... More...
   $0 (10-25-2012 - CA)

Dorothy Ollie v. Plano Independent School District

Dorothy Ollie brought breach of contract and tort claims against the Plano Independent School District (PISD), Tamira Griffin, individually and as the PISD’s Executive Director of Human Resources, Douglas Otto, individually and as the PISD’s Superintendent of Schools, and Tammy Richards, individually and as President of the PISD’s Board of Trustees, based on the termination of Ollie’s empl... More...   $0 (10-25-2012 - TX)

Ocie E. Henderson v. Famrers Group, Inc.

In this action arising out of insurance contracts, Ocie E. Henderson, Anthony Wallace, Roscoe and Edna M. Allen, and John and Sharon Billingslea appeal from judgments entered after the court granted motions for summary adjudication in favor of Fire Insurance Exchange (FIE), which disposed of all appellants‘ causes of action.1

Besides FIE, appellants sued Farmers Group, Inc. (Farmers Group... More...
   $0 (10-24-2012 - CA)

Alan Blakely v. USAA Casualty Insurance Company

Plaintiffs Alan and Colelyn Blakely experienced a fire in their Utah home’s basement in 2002. Their house was insured by Defendant USAA Casualty Insurance Company. After becoming dissatisfied with Defendant’s handling of the case, Plaintiffs sued Defendant on a number of theories. After six years of litigation and a trip to this Court last year, only one of Plaintiffs’ causes of action remai... More...   $0 (10-23-2012 - CO)

Sally J. Taylor v. Fletcher Allen Health Care

¶ 1. SKOGLUND, J. Plaintiff Sally J. Taylor sued Fletcher Allen Health Care (FAHC) for medical negligence and negligent infliction of emotional distress, in connection with her medical care following a surgery performed on her lumbar spine. After plaintiff failed to disclose any expert witness in response to discovery requests, FAHC moved for summary judgment, arguing that plaintif... More...   $0 (10-19-2012 - VT)

Echostar Satellite, LLC v. Ray Aguilar

Appellants Echostar Satellite L.L.C. and Dish Network Service, L.L.C. (“Appellants”), appeal a jury verdict and judgment rendered in favor of Ray Aguilar (“Aguilar”). Appellants bring five issues: (1) legal and factual insufficiency of Aguilar’s evidence that Appellants’ uniform application of their absence control policy was a violation of Chapter 451 of the Texas Labor Code; (2) in... More...   $0 (10-19-2012 - TX)

Lorena Alamo v. Practice Management Information Corporation

Appellant Practice Management Information Corporation (PMIC) appeals from a judgment in favor of its former employee, respondent Lorena Alamo, following a jury trial on Alamo‟s causes of action for pregnancy discrimination and retaliation in violation of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and wrongful termination in violation of public policy. On appeal, PMIC argues that the t... More...   $0 (10-18-2012 - CA)

Mary Carroll v. Merrill Lynch

On Thanksgiving Day at about 9:00 PM, Mary Carroll telephoned one of her co-workers, Jim Kelliher. Hearing Ms. Carroll loudly yelling at her husband over the phone, Jim Kelliher’s wife Pat Kelliher began listening in on the call and decided to record the conversation. The call ultimately cost Carroll her job, and she sued under the Illinois eavesdropping statute for the recording and re-playing ... More...   $0 (10-17-2012 - IL)

Carmen Llerena Diaz v. Jiten Hotel Management, Inc.

Plaintiff-Appellant Carmen Diaz (“Diaz”), after obtaining a jury verdict in her favor in the amount of $7,650 on one of six claims raised in her complaint, sought attorney’s fees of $139,622 and $13,389.34 in costs. The district court awarded $25,000 in fees and $9,434.74 in costs. We affirm in part, reverse in part, and remand for further proceedings.

Beginning in 1985, Dia... More...
   $0 (10-16-2012 - MA)

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